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October 2017

Amazing places on the GBR to get an Instagram pic

Need inspiration about the best places to capture phenomenal photos around the Great Barrier Reef? Here are my Top Ten epic locations from eight years of Queensland exploration.

Real Reef Dangers

The Great Barrier Reef is as mysterious as she is beautiful. And this mystique sometimes leads to sensational media reports surrounding Irukandji, box jellyfish, sharks and crocodiles. We speak with three experts who explain the likelihood of encountering actual danger out on the reef.

Ben Southall’s Great Barrier Reef

Since winning the Best Job in the World I've swum, snorkelled, kayaked, sailed and flown all over the Great Barrier Reef and every time it’s a uniquely awe-inspiring adventure. Here are my best bits, from the best reef in the world. 

Best photo spots in the Mackay Region

Are you after an insta-worthy holiday photo that will make family and friends jealous? The Mackay Region is teeming with scenic locations and wonderful wildlife that makes visitors never want to put their camera down.      

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