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Great Barrier Reef Blog

Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef - Set Goals To Accomplish!

Staying focused is the key to success in life including scuba diving. Set your goals now and go for it...

5 Things You Never Dreamed of Doing In Far North Queensland!

Flying through the jungle? Walking on the ocean floor? Sleep on the Reef and swim with huge fish, the iconic destination of Far North Queensland holds one-of-a-kind adventures you never dreamed existed! The beautiful realm of Far North Queensland is legendary for its lush ancient Daintree Rainforest, and azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef; the only place on the planet where two world heritage icons meet. While many travellers seek the celebrated beaches, islands, swimming and snorkelling, there is also an unknown promise of unique adventure awaiting your discovery!

Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving Etiquette

Just like table manners there are somes simple rules to follow when diving, yes I am talking about Scuba Diving Etiquette.

Teens Talk Up The Great Barrier Reef

Are your teens not thrilled about their upcoming family holidays? Take them to the Great Barrier Reef. Here is some feedback we received from teenagers who experienced it.

Great Barrier Reef - Stay Focused When Scuba Diving

As a professional scuba diver, being focused on the task at hand, whether it be guiding a group of certified divers or instructing new divers, is extremely important. 

The Must See Great Eight of Marine Life on the Great Barrier Reef

Have you heard about the Great Eight must see marine life on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? If not continue reading...

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