Cairns Horse Riding and ATV Quad Biking - Diary Of A Virgin

Sebastian Bevan on June 19th, 2019

First Up Was The ATV Quad Bikes

Man, the things you do for your girl!

In saying that I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful gal who grew up in the great Australian outdoors and that means she loves to get me out in the country and show me all the fun things to do.

She loves to set me up for fun challenges to test my comfort zone levels and dial up the excitement.

As for me I grew up in Singapore and did not see too many big wide open spaces without buildings and cars so you could say I’m a bit soft!

Our challenge today was to go horse riding in Cairns and ATV Quad biking on a working sugar cane farm just 20 minutes north of Cairns city. 

With a booking time set for 9am in the morning my partner and I were up and on the road by 8.30 expecting a nice drive out to the property, however being in Cairns the traffic was a bit unpredictable in peak hour with some roadworks.

Running a bit short on time and the GPS saying we were going to be 10-15 minutes late we rang the guys at Blazing Saddles to make sure they wouldn’t start the tour without us.

With the help of the tour guide by the time we got there everyone else that was on our time slot for the first ATV Quad bike tour of the morning had filled out their paper work and were all organised so they made sure we were ready to go with no hassle or hold up to others and we jumped straight onto the quad bikes. 

I had never been on quad bikes let alone high powered ATV’s like these, so I was a bit like a sissy inside with excitement but I was not going to show it!

Being a formula one groupie I have a need for speed so I was geared up and ready to go and take those turns just like I do on my xbox.

My partner has ridden the Cairns quad bikes before so she was confident but I was still confident that I would still drive circles around her.

To start off the ATV quad bikes experience we were sent around a baby track with pools of mud and rocky roads to get used to how the quad bike handled and how much horsepower you had under your right hand.

After that we were taken through a variation of ATV tracks from dry and dusty to wet and slippery with a 10 minute break halfway through to refresh and grab a cold glass of water on such a hot day (for myself it was getting my sunglasses so I didn’t get dust and mud in my eyes).

We ripped around the working cane farm tracks and on the purpose made hill circuits and I can tell you I am now totally hooked on ATV’s.

We had so much fun trying to give each other stick and in the end I think we were a match to be fair!

Cairns Horse Riding

After the ATV quad bikes it was time for our Cairns horse riding tour… My partner is very skilled and confident on horses whilst on the other hand I have not seen or even ridden a horse since I was about 8 so this was going to be a very very interesting challenge.

Did you know horses are big, scary and have a mind of their own?

Your horses were carefully chosen for you by the tour guide depending on your riding level and skill on horses.

After learning how to treat a horse and steer your horse we set out on the trail through the cane fields.

At the start of the horse riding trail everyone was together in a small group however after a few minutes the more experienced riders got let off the leash and were able to trot before going on the canter around the fields.

The beginners were limited to a trot at this time just to get comfortable with how a horse moves at speed. (LOL)

We were taken on a ride around the big billabong that is in the middle of the cane fields and then thru some rainforest and wetlands and then tackled some hills. 

After a few walks and a few trots (or bounces) we came near the end of the riding experience.

The tour guide gave the beginners the choice if they wanted to try a canter.

I, being the tough guy I am took this challenge head on. Unfortunately for me it didn’t end too well… I came off the horse and got a face full of dust and dirt, but luckily I was not hurt and it didn’t faze me too much so I got back on and stuck to a more civilized pace of walking for the rest of the horse riding tour as we were near the end.

My Blazing Saddles horse was really cool calm and collected the whole way and when I came off he did not even run away, he took one look at me on the ground and saw it as an opportunity to go and mow some grass as quick as possible!

All in all our outdoor challenge day at Blazing Saddles was an amazing experience.

We got down and dirty on the quads but also got a breath of fresh air on the horse ride… Unless you’re me and get down and dirty on both.

It is an amazing experience for all ages and all skill levels.

I would highly recommend this to everyone as they even cater for little kids with ponies (I will get one of these next time and they have baby quad bikes too)!

On behalf of my partner and I, a huge thank you to Blazing Saddles for looking after us as well as you all did and for helping me regain my manly confidence after my incident with the earth and then convincing me to launch myself back into the saddle of my trusted steed Morris!

Yeehaaa, giddy up mate!

Sebastian Bevan

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