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Christina James on September 13th, 2018

For 2018 and 2019 we have some brand new custom designed expedition style cruises from the Great Barrier Reef tour specialists that are so unique and never before been seen in the cruise ship market.

 We have cruises departing from Cairns taking passengers on a voyage of adventure and discovery to exotic destinations such as the vibrant, remote and colourful Papua New Guinea, Noumea and Arnhem Land in north Queensland.

Our Great Barrier Reef cruise ship tours start with a choice of 3, 4 or 7 days of exploring the northern section or the southern section of the Great Barrier Reef on our purpose built expedition style cruise ships.

These bespoke cruise ships take our passengers to places other large commercial passenger liners simply cannot access due to their sheer size.

We see remote places of beauty and wonder that others just cannot experience.

These new cruises will launch in 2019 with the saltwater people of northern Australia and the exciting Papua New Guinea cruise.

On these voyages there will be scientists, cultural leaders, artists, adventures and story tellers in residence joining departures and taking an active role in imparting their knowledge with the ships guests. 

If you are a person or couple who likes to be treated as an individual and is not fond of mass crowds and big carnival style cruise ships then please take a look at our new season Great Barrier Reef cruise ship tours for 2018 and 2019 now and book your berth early to ensure you do not miss out.

Book on-line or call and speak with our Great Barrier Reef cruise specialists on 1300 231 118 to discuss the perfect cruise for you.

Our passenger numbers are capped to make our Great Barrier Reef cruises personalised and memorable as well as adding in the learning component from our on board Marine Biologists and guests scientists and specialists from time to time to make our cruises more of an experience rather than an all in party of indulgence.

Just this year we announced a new partnership with Australian Geographic Society to bring together a shared heritage of exploration and conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and our surrounding remote countries.

Christina James

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