Great Barrier Reef Tour - 2 Day 1 Night Sail, Snorkel, Dive

Christina James on October 3rd, 2018

This tour provides a great value overnight dive tour that is suitable for all levels of Scuba Divers and Snorkelers wishing to have a Great Barrier Reef experience in a small intimate group.

For the first time introductory scuba divers they offer a FREE (10 min) TRY Scuba Dive for all guests on board who may have thought they would only be snorkelling for this trip.

They give you this free TRY dive to introduce you to the amazing underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef from another perspective and introduce you to scuba diving gently, not tea bagging you like some of the more large commercial boats. (In out, in out) 

If you enjoyed your try dive, then the boats crew can book some personalised introductory scuba dives over the next two days to get you comfortable with the underwater world that awaits you. 

The intimate Coral Sea Dreaming liveaboard boat is your personal Dive and Sail tour to some of the best diving spots on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns.

This scuba diving trip give guest’s access to the most dive & snorkel coral reef locations out of Cairns, with 30 exclusive moorings at 9 different reefs including 2 NEW moorings.

Divers and Snorkelers will experience vibrant coral gardens, amazing biodiversity including turtles, small reef sharks and schools of pelagic fish.

Your Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Dive Boat

The yacht is one of the few small Cairns family owned companies that go out to the Great Barrier Reef providing that warm welcoming reef trip experience where you feel at home immediately.

She is 16-meters long, a sailing boat that had a major refit a few years ago but still in keeping with  its original classic lines.

The dive boats number of passengers will always be small and intimate, with only 12 people on board plus three crew, to make is a really unique liveaboard dive experience from Cairns that stands out from the rest.

The boat has several bathroom facilities and a hot shower. Something that is welcome at the end of a long day in the water.

Sleeping Cabins

Onboard accommodation includes 3 x private cabins with double beds, 1 semi-private quad single share cabin and 1 x 2 single bunk beds.

Thanks to the cosiness of the boat, you can become friends with everyone on board in record time. Therefore, the boat is perfect for families, couples and solo travellers.

Imagine waking up to the dawn and watching the sun rise over the Great Barrier Reef from the east.

This is the perfect time to snorkel or scuba dive as early morning is a fantastic time to see reef sharks, turtles and cruising pelagic fish.

For The Snorkellers

You can enjoy unlimited water time as you can snorkel right off the boat with no huge crowds.

With their 28 dedicated moorings on 9 different reef systems to choose from, the skipper will select which sites you visit depending on the weather & water visibility at the time to ensure you have fantastic conditions for underwater visibility.

On these reefs you will experience extensive coral gardens with an unbelievable amount of marine life.

Between snorkelling, you can take a nap on the shaded sun deck, being gently rocked by the ocean waves, or work on your tan in the sunshine.

For The Scuba Divers

Experience scuba diving to view the reef from a different perspective on our budget diving deals.

On the Outer Reef large coral bommies sit alongside a reef wall making diving and snorkelling truly spectacular. If you’re a first-time introductory diver, the package deal on the boat offers a FREE 10min ‘TRY’ dive.

They also have certified and introductory scuba dive packages to suit both in-experienced and experienced divers.

Between dives, you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking vistas over the brillilant blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

The atmosphere of family comradery extends to the vessel. This small group setting inspires a more intimate experience and is the closest one can get to sailing on a private charter or semi-private yacht without the hefty price tag.

The Food

Great food is standard aboard and a well supplied galley provides guests with three delicious meals per day prepared by the on-board chef.

Chat about the day’s sightings as you sit down in the ship’s comfortable dining area and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.

Beer, wine and soft drinks are available on board to purchase so bring some cash if you like a few bevvies.

Smaller Boat Better Experience

On a smaller sailing boat like this, the crew really makes the trip that bit extra special.

With a 1:4 crew/passenger ratio. The crew consists of all scuba diving instructors who are multi-functional!

Spending time together, both in and out of the water, you start feeling like it’s more a friend’s trip out more than an organized dive tour on the Great Barrier Reef.

The dive boats crew are fantastic, very friendly and helpful.

So, if you’re after a truly unique experience, as a Great Barrier Reef tour specialist, I highly recommend this Great Barrier Reef tour for both scuba divers and snorkelers.

If you wish to know more about booking this Great Barrier Reef tour have a look on our liveaboard dive trip pages on Barrier Reef Australia.

Christina James

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