Best photo spots in the Mackay Region

Melissa Woods on October 18th, 2017

Are you after an insta-worthy holiday photo that will make family and friends jealous? The Mackay Region is teeming with scenic locations and wonderful wildlife that makes visitors never want to put their camera down. Think coconuts and palm-lined beaches, flowing waterfalls, endless green rolling hills or an up-close-and-personal wildlife shot. They all make great photos that you’ll want to share with family and friends and they are all found in the Mackay Region.  

The Hinterland

Mackay’s hinterland region, the Pioneer Valley, provides some beautiful backdrops for a winning photo complete with rolling green hills, winding roads, quaint country towns and lush green rainforest. Here are some of the best spots to get snapping.  

  • The Eungella Chalet – an old-style house with café and restaurant area, the Chalet has views right across the Pioneer Valley, it’s one of the best spots to grab a photograph of those rolling green hills.  
  • Pinnacle Pub – you’ll have to order the famous pie of course for a tastebud-tantalising photo!  
  • Finch Hatton Gorge – Walk to Araluen Cascades to capture the waterfall in all its glory.  
  • Broken River, Eungella National Park – See if you can snap a photo of a platypus in the wild at the viewing platforms nearby the Information Centre. Or head into the rainforest to view over 860 different plant species.  

The islands

Keswick Island is a photographer’s dream location! Whether it’s underwater or on the land, you can choose between colourful reef life, squeaky-white sand against blue water or the ruggedness of the national park.  

  • Basil Bay – a pristine swimming spot where you can see the reef from the beach 
  • Coral Gardens Lookout – see views of nearby St Bees and panoramic views of the Coral Sea 
  • Butterflies – the stunning Tiger Blue butterflies make for a lovely photo if you can manage to photograph them while they are still!  

The Coast

  • Kangaroos and Wallabies at sunrise, Cape Hillsborough – the iconic Aussie photograph, you won’t want to miss capturing this experience on camera as the kangaroos and wallabies come out for breakfast on the beach.   
  • Sunset Bay, Eimeo – each season of the year brings a different colour to sunset at Eimeo, but it is always magnificent.  
  • Eimeo Pacific Hotel, Eimeo – why wouldn’t you want to prove you’ve had lunch ‘with a million dollar view’. Grab a drink, order some calamari and get someone to photograph you on the balcony with the Coral Sea in the background.  
  • The Lone Tree, Shoal Point – an amazing and unique piece of nature that looks fantastic in photos, especially at sunset.   
  • Lambert’s Beach Lookout – looking out over the Coral Sea, Lambert’s Beach is the perfect place to capture the sunset. Drive up to the lookout on the top of the hill for even better views.  

Mackay City Centre

Combining art, history and culture with modern culinary delights, the Mackay City Centre is a brilliant place to capture holiday memories to treasure for a lifetime.  

  • Public Art – there are over 100 pieces of public artworks on permanent display throughout the Mackay City Centre.  
  • Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens – there are several gardens to choose from, a lagoon running through the centre and some beautiful flora and fauna to photograph.   
  • Mackay Marina – with luxurious boats, fine dining and sun-kissed locals, the Mackay Marina is a winning location for some food and drink shots with a great backdrop.  


Melissa Woods

Melissa Woods

Melissa has spent over 10 years working as a photojournalist, editor, tv and radio presenter, travel writer and public relations advisor. Her passion is for telling stories about the incredible places she visits, and the amazing people she meets along the way.

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