Top 10 Queensland Beaches

Christine Retschlag on April 11th, 2018

Palm Cove

Even the name itself... Palm Cove, conjures up vision of serenity.

Lined by beautiful palm trees, the water is like a warm bath.

After spending the day at the beach experience some delicious food in one of the numerous dining option on the Esplanade.

Nudey Beach - Fitzroy Island

Nudey Beach was voted number 1 beach in Australia for 2018 and it is easy to see why... white coral sand, clear water and pristine coral.

Located on Fitzroy Island and easily accessible you can visit for the day or spend a few nights at the island resort.

Mission Beach

If you’re on a mission to find a beautiful beach south of Cairns, head to Mission Beach.

In this laid-back locale you’ll stumble across Bibesia Cocktail Bar and Restaurant, named after a Roman Goddess known for feasting and hospitality.

Sip on signature cocktails such as the Hot Summer, Italian Stallion or Coral Sea Storm.

Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Just off of Townsville, Magnetic Island is home to a number of idyllic inlets but it’s Horseshoe Bay with its calm, clear waters that is the most popular among visitors.

A relaxing and retro way to explore this island’s many beaches and swimming spots is to hire a moke and spend the day checking out her coves.

Horseshoe Bay, Bowen

Further north in Queensland’s mango capital of Bowen you’ll find another Horseshoe Bay.

But while the same in name, it’s very different in nature, just a small, secluded bay that is sublime in which to swim.

What makes this spot even more appealing is that actor Hugh Jackman loved to paddle here while he was in town filming the movie Australia.

Airlie Beach

Swim in the warm waters of Airlie Beach or do laps in the Airlie Beach Lagoon before retiring to one of a number of divine restaurants which line this vibrant strip.

Fish d’vine is a favourite with the locals, for its superb seafood in a casual setting.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

It’s hard to beat the pure-white, squeaky-clean sand that makes Whitehaven Beach one of the most photographed beaches on the planet.

Add to this that it’s also one of the most secluded, which means there’s plenty of space to enjoy this slice of paradise.

The silica sand is so pristine, that you can take your good silver and polish it to perfection here.

Long Beach, Great Keppel Island

Travellers used to head to Great Keppel Island to “get wrecked” in the most delicious of ways, and it’s easy to see why.

There are 17 amazing beaches along this island off of Yepoon on Queensland’s central coast, but the money shot is at Long Beach.

As the name suggests, you can take long, languid walks along this stretch of sand and barely meet another soul.

Agnes Waters to 1770

Hey, if it was good enough for Captain Cook, whose year of landing in this region gave name to the township of 1770, then it’s good enough for us.

Harness your inner explorer and embrace the serenity of this 6.6km stretch of sand.

10. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

For a chance to drive along one of Queensland’s most interesting route, which happens to be a beach, grab a 4WD, head to Fraser Island, and take the 75-mile long drive along the world’s largest sand island.

For a refreshing dip, stop along the way at beautiful Eli Creek.

So these are our top 10 Queensland beaches Palm Cove to Fraser Island, what do you think?

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Christine Retschlag

Christine Retschlag

Christine Retschlag is an award-winning Australian journalist who has worked in newspapers, magazines and online for the past 25 years in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. In 2006, she won the Australian Travel Writer of the Year award for Best Trade Story as well as the Jack Butters Memorial Award for Travel Writing Excellence. In 2007 she won Best Australian Story over 1000 words and in 2014 won Best Food Travel Story. She is also the author and architect of the successful travel blog: The Global Goddess.

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