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The Whales are coming! Escape winter & come Whale Watching on the Great Barrier Reef!

admin on June 9th, 2021

This week the first of the Whales travelling up to the warm northern waters was spotted in the waters of the Whitsundays!  Escape Winter and experience a memorable encounter on the Great Barrier Reef!

Come whale watching on Australia's Great Barrier Reef on a day tour or an overnight liveaboard dive trip. Charter your own private boat or join an organised boat trip along the Queensland coastline.

Each year these inquisitive animals undertake their 5,000km annual migration from Antarctica to our warm, calm waters along the Great Barrier Reef to give birth to their calves. 

Whale watching season is June - September along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Ensure to book early as spots are limited!

Whale Watching and Swimming with the Whales

Experience the magnificent humpback whales with a selection of amazing half day and full day Whale Watching trips departing from various points along Queensland coast - including Hervey Bay, 1770 and north to Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas.

Want an imersive experience?  Coming snorkel mask to fin with these marine mammals is certainly for you and a true experience of a lifetime!  Of course strict regulations ensure the protection of the whales, and operators must comply with permit conditions.
Experience a life changing event on the Great Barrier Reef and book a tour to swim with giant Humpback whales on the southern reefs or snorkel with Dwarf Minke Whales from Port Douglas on a day tour or join a liveaboard dive trip to the Ribbon Reefs and spend some extra time in the water with these highly inquisitive animals.

NEW YOTSPACE superyacht voyages

Escape the southern winter and join a YOTSPACE Whitsundays voyage - and keep your eye out for the migrating whales!

Be the first to experience the new YOTSPACE superyacht voyages to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in a uniquely immersive intimate voyage.  Each of the curated voyages are on a book by cabin basis with an all inclusive price.   

On a book by the cabin YOTSPACE Whitsundays voyage guests visit places rarely seen by visitors to the Whitsunday Islands. Over 5 or 6 nights your superyacht crew will show you the iconic landmarks within the world famous Great Barrier Reef, her iconic beaches, island landscapes and her infamous beauty of the underwater world.

Guests may choose to just relax and take in all the scenery and pampering that goes with being a VIP superyacht guest or you may be as adventurous as you wish and join in on hikes to wonderful locations. Enjoy all the in-water activities on offer in one of the many bays and beaches we explore or take some us time for relaxation in the Jacuzzi or on the yachts decks.

Visit famous scenic bays and beaches, partake in water play on the superyacht toys, enjoy hikes, explore Aboriginal artworks, experience sunsets and sunrises over the Whitsunday Islands and so much more. 

Choose from ports including Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, to Cairns and Port Douglas in north Queensland visiting the pristine waters of the ribbon reefs of Lizard Island.

Find out more about YOTSPACE superyacht voyages

Looking for more ways to experience a whale encounter? 

Enjoy the life of luxury and experience the ultimate Great Barrier Reef holiday onboard your own private boat charter or private superyacht charter with friends and family, or perhaps keep your eyes peeled during a Whitsunday sailing adventure.

Or why not get an aerial view of the migration on a scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef and spot the pod of whales from above!

If you want to extend your stay, but keep your feet on land, perhaps you could keep an eye out while staying on one of the tropical islands on the Great Barrier Reef such as Lady Elliot Island, Orpheus Island and Lizard Island.




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