Why Become A Certified Scuba Diver?

Robbie Wyckoff on August 23rd, 2018

Do It Now! Don't Wait! Become A Certified Diver

Scuba diving will change your outlook on life.

It’ll give a greater appreciation for our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Underwater dive adventures are unlike any other activity on the planet as most of the undiscovered lies beneath the surface.

Most people that I’ve met, regretted putting off diving until the end of their vacation as it left them wanting more. They wished they’d started diving at the very beginning and felt that their money went to waste on other activities.

Diving with graceful manta rays, whales, sharks, turtles or dolphins gave them a thrill that none of their time spent relaxing on the beach, riding jet skis, parasailing or sipping cocktails could compare to.

Even snorkelers, watching divers from above, at a manta ray point or on a whale shark excursion, have returned to the dive center only to book a dive the next day regretting not having done that first!

Become A Certified Diver And Save In The Long Run

But why scuba dive only once? I mean, most people after their first dive, and discovering just how easy it is, decide to continue on with a dive course just to get their certification.

And yes, being a certified diver, in the long run, is cheaper than not being certified.

For example, here at the resort where I am currently based out of, certified diver can do his or her orientation dive for just $60.

However, it’s $170 for a non-certified diver to try it for the first time.

And then for the non-certified diver to go dive with manta rays, by boat, it’s $245 for two dives as opposed to $175 for the certified diver.

Do the math, three dives will cost the non-certified diver $180 more.

For that much money, it would have been better just to do the open water course and became certified whilst having the opportunity to dive with manta rays... but most don’t realize that until it’s too late.

Where It All Started For Me

For me, I was lucky my first time vacationing at a resort destination.

My girlfriend, who was a certified scuba diver, convinced me to start my dive course right away.

She was able to join me for each open water dive that we did.

However she did enjoy her mixed drinks while watching me do my confined water exercises in the resort swimming pool as she sat in the lawn chair.

She was right... I did fall in love with it and the experience left me wanting more.

So each vacation destination afterwards had to include diving!

But it was much cheaper being dive certified, having done my course already on my first vacation. It gave me more options as to where I could go and to which diving excursions I do.

Again... Why Become A Certified Diver?

It was great talking to the dive booking centres and saying  I have my open water certification card saying I’d like to dive today or tomorrow or just booking the dives before even arriving, via email.

The prices were different and I had more choices as these travel agents have last minute dive spots.

It’s always a good idea to follow Facebook pages like this one for Barrier Reef Australia so you can take advantage of any extra special liveaboard dive trips like the amazing Dwarf Minke Whale trips, Dive with Sharks, Dive with Giant Potato Cod and other amazing things like Coral Spawning season. 

Just In Case You Need More Convincing...

In the end, it was well worth it to have done my full dive certification course rather than going somewhere and paying more for something others were paying less.

So I joined the world of certified scuba divers and continued my diving education with more certifications just to have more options, more choices, more destinations to chose from, etc.

My suggestion to you would be, if you’re planning to go somewhere that’s known for world famous diving, and you’re planning to give it a try, make that the first item on your "To Do List".

And I only say that because if you fall in love with it like I did, your list will suddenly change.

Your next holiday destination may suddenly become another famous diving destination like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

All your plans, your life, and even your career may suddenly change for a new found passion to explore the unexplored by being a certified scuba diver.

Well guys this is my last blog for Barrier Reef Australia for the time being. I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs and I hope you make diving the top item on your bucket list.

If you missed any of my blogs, you can find them here and give Barrier Reef Australia a call, they will be able to find the right diving course for you - 1300 231 118

Robbie Wyckoff

Robbie Wyckoff

Hi my name is Robbie Wyckoff and I am a full time PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor who now works all over the world teaching people how to scuba dive and discover the amazing underwater world on our planet.

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