Cays and Reefs in Townsville North Queensland

Snorkelling at Lodestone Reef, Townsville North Queensland

The most dived reef in the Townsville region is Lodestone Reef – closest of all the outer reefs to Townsville and Magnetic Island. A dive and snorkelling boat runs day trips to Lodestone, picking up from Townsville and Magnetic Island on the way.

Depths at Lodestone range from 1m to 20m making it ideal for snorkellers and all levels of diver. Even on this small reef, it’s possible to see half of the Great Eight – Maori wrasse, clownfish, turtles and reef sharks – in a single dive.

The most remarkable thing about other reefs in this area is possibly their names. The Whitsundays have a set of reefs called: Line, Hook, Barb, Bait and Sinker Reefs – which seen on a map resemble the real thing.

The Townsville region has: Knife, Fork, Spoon, Bowl, Cup and Saucer Reefs – which bear no resemblance to their namesakes. Chicken, Centipede and Grub? And finally someone’s imagination ran away with them and we have Viper, Shrimp, Eagle, Castor, Jaguar, Shell and Dingo.

Snorkel and dive sites

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