About the beaches of Capricorn Region

Nestled upon the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the Capricorn region boasts untouched beaches and quaint coastal villages. Located almost halfway between Brisbane and Tropical North Queensland, the Capricorn coastline spans 15km along the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

As the region sits upon the Tropics of Capricorn you can expect subtropical weather all year round without the harsh humidity of the north and winter temperatures of the south.

White Capricorn Region beach is perfect for you?

Two of the most popular beachside towns in the region are Emu Park and Yeppoon. These humble coastal towns are the perfect base to explore the region’s best beaches and nearby Great Keppel Island and Pumpkin Island.

The sandy stretch between Yeppoon and Emu Park is around 23km in length and is home to 13 beautiful beaches including Kemp Beach, Kinka Beach, Lammermoor Beach and Mulambin Beach.  

Both Emu Park and Yeppoon offer a range of accommodation to suit any kind of traveller including backpacker hostels, motels, caravan parks, resorts and camping grounds.

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, the beaches of the Capricorn region are calling your name!

If lazing away on your own secluded beach on the footsteps of the Southern Great Barrier Reef sounds like your kind of holiday, Lammermoor Beach is calling your name!

Lammermoor Beach is a local secret and is the ideal destination for those seeking to explore beyond the tourist trail. This quaint and peaceful coastal town is located around 10 minutes south of Yeppoon and 20 minutes north of Emu Park. The township itself boasts a number of beachfront Holiday Apartments and Hotels, friendly eateries and a laid-back, small town vibe.

Lammermoor Beach stretches 2.5km in length and is nestled between Cooee Bay and Statue Bay. 

Top things to do and see: 
  • You will find a number of trekking trails that begin at the main car park by the beach, along with a range of cycling tracks and plentiful picnic areas. Just a short walk from town will have you stumble upon Lioness Park, where you can relax and explore the native gardens and walks.
  • At the southern end of the beach, you will find Statue Bay, a great place for kayaking, canoeing and fishing by Statue Rocks. Venture to the bay early morning and you may be treated to a stunning sunrise over the Rosslyn Bay Hinterland.
  • Just south of Statue Bay sits Keppel Bay Marina. The marina has over 400 berths for motor boat access and here you can take a ferry to nearby Great Keppel Island
  • North of Lammermoor Beach will lead you to Wreck Point. The lookout offers the perfect vantage point to take in the views of Lammermoor Beach and Rosslyn Bay. 

Kemp Beach is one of the many hidden secrets of the Capricorn coastline. This little touch of paradise is just a 15-minute drive south of Yeppoon and is located just south of Rosslyn Bay. To this day Kemp Beach remains relatively untouched and serves as the ideal day trip destination for those really looking to ‘get away from it all.’

Scenic trails

The beach stretches 2km in length and is nestled between two towering headlands. Double Head protects the northern tip of the beach whilst Bluff Point sits at the southern end. Both headlands are a part of the Capricorn Coast National Park, offering a range of scenic walking trails and lookouts that will have you taking in the stunning views of Great Keppel Island.

Venture to the picnic area at the base of Bluff Point before embarking on the 30-minute walking trail to the top of the headland. You may just be lucky enough to spot Dugongs, Dolphins or Sea Turtles frolicking in the bay!

Family-friendly fun

Kemp Beach is a popular swimming spot for locals boasting little waves and safe conditions. There are a number of picnic and BBQ areas located by the beach, making it the ideal family getaway.

10km offshore from the beach you will see Bluff Rock which is reachable by kayak or canoe. Don’t forget to look out for local marine life. The beach boasts some of the region’s best sunrises and due to its proximity from neighbouring towns also offers some fantastic stargazing opportunities!

You will find an array of accommodation just a short drive from Kemp Beach in the neighbouring towns of Rosslyn Bay and Mulambin Beach.

As you explore the scenic coastline stretching between Emu Park and Yeppoon, expect to stumble upon an array of stunning beach coves and natural wilderness.

Like its northern neighbour Kemp Beach, Mulambin Beach remains untouched and unspoilt. The beach is 2km in length and sits between two large headlands that extend into the Capricorn Coast National Park. The beach boasts a 200-metre wide low tide stretch of sand that provides perfect swimming conditions all year round.

There are three car parks in Kemp Beach with the northernmost car park only accessible by 4WD. Beach boat access is available on the beach by 4WD only and you will find a number of BBQ and picnic areas along the shores.

The beach itself is lined with foredunes and volcanic rocks, a truly unique destination on the doorstep of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. There is a caravan park in the area and you will find a camping ground just 1km away at Causeway Lakes.

Top things to do:
  • This hidden paradise is an ideal location for those seeking a spot of fishing, kayaking, canoeing, relaxing on a secluded stretch of sand or exploring the area’s many walking trails. 
  • A walk or a drive to the northern tip of Bluff Point will provide you with stunning views of the Capricorn coastline and neighbouring beaches. Dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles have been known to frequent the area so don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of one of these curious creatures!
  • There is a fantastic walking trail that will lead you to the top of Pinnacle Point at the southern tip of Kemp Beach. The vantage point is the perfect destination to take in the sights of Kinka Beach and the southern coast.

With views of Great Keppel Island and a number of activities on offer, Kinka Beach is the perfect destination for a peaceful beach getaway.

Unlike neighbouring Kemp Beach and Mulambin Beach, Kinka Beach boasts a small township with a number of accommodation options. Located 17km south of Yeppoon and 6km north of Emu Park, Kinka Beach offers a caravan park, a number of motels and a camping ground nearby. 

Top things to do: 
  • The beach boasts white sands, clear waters and fantastic swimming conditions all year round.
  • The town sits on the shores of Kinka Creek and you will find a number of leisurely walking trails to explore the surrounding area.
  • One of the town’s most popular attractions is the giant ‘Big Whale.’ The statue commemorates the area’s rich marine life and makes for a quirky holiday snap.
  • Just north of Kinka Beach is Causeway Lakes. The lake is a fantastic location for water sports, relaxation and camping.  You will find a number of picnic and BBQ areas, a kiosk that serves delicious ice cream and numerous watersports and activities. Explore the waterways by canoe or paddle boat, hire a kayak, sail the day away on a catamaran, try a spot of fishing or spot for crabs at the nearby rock pools.

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