Romantic Getaway in Mackay

Whether you want to lose yourself in nature or enjoy private wining and dining, Mackay has a host of experiences to enjoy with your loved one.   

The Itinerary

Duration: 48 hours

Day 1

Cape Hillsborough

Imagine being surrounded by wallabies and kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough Beach, as you watch the sunrise over the water. Capture the moment, or spend quiet time sitting on the beach enjoying this incredible experience. 

When the sun has come up, explore more of the nearby national park with a bushwalk to enjoy amazing views of the ocean below, or head to a charming little tea house nearby for scones with jam and cream or a delicious breakfast.  

The drive back to Mackay takes around 45 minutes. Once you’re there, stroll through the city, enjoy hot chocolate at a Cuban café or make your way to the Bluewater Quay and take in the views of the blue Pioneer River.  

Mackay's northern beaches 

If you are looking for lunch ‘with a million dollar view’, just drive 15 minutes north towards Eimeo Beach. Follow the heritage-listed, 80-year-old Mango Avenue, with trees that form a spectacular shady canopy 20 metres above the streetscape, towards a hotel at the top of the hill. Once there, you will be greeted with spectacular elevated coastal views, as well as great lunch and dinner options.    

Laze around the beach for the afternoon and make your way to Sunset Bay, at Eimeo Beach for an incredible sunset. Stroll hand in hand along the white sandy beach or capture the beautiful sunset.  

Enjoy something light from the local take away restaurants at the northern beaches and call it an early night, it’s been a big day! 

Day 2

Mackay Marina and Keswick Island  

Enjoy coffee and breakfast overlooking the luxurious Mackay Marina before hopping on your boat to depart for secluded Keswick Island. You also have the option of a quick 20-minute flight and, while a little more expensive, the views are absolutely worth it.  

Nestled within the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Keswick Island is a natural wonderland, brimming with tropical rainforests, fringed by white sands and boasting a coral reef bursting with vibrant marine life. 

Day trips will allow you enough time to enjoy the island in its entirety, whether you want to hire a golf buggy, grab a kayak, snorkel, bushwalk or laze on the beach, the choice is yours.  

An uncrowded, secluded slice of paradise, Keswick Island also has a few interesting trimmings which makes the island special including the spectacular Tiger Blue butterflies, koalas, fireflies and purebred Caucasian bees. There are also some great vantage points for whale watching during migration season.  

You can stay the night at the Beach House, set up your own tent or use the one they have on the island and ‘glamp’ for the night.   

If you’re coming back that evening, be sure to grab a jar of the Keswick Island honey, a delicious blend using the hives on the island.  

Wine and dine 

There’s a number of classy and private restaurants around Mackay with dim lighting and soft music where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your loved one after a big day of island living.  

Some of the top romantic restaurants, with delicious menus, are Romeo and Juliet’s, Church on Palmer or Burp. Eat. Drink.  

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