Curtain Fig Tree


This ancient tree, thought to be more than 500 years old, would have many interesting tales to tell. Located a short drive from the village of Yungaburra, this tree is a member of the strangler fig species. Starting as a seed dropped high in the canopy, this strangler fig would have attached itself to a healthy host tree, at a 45-degree angle, consuming all available nutrients, causing the host tree to die. As the strangler fig grew, long roots developed, growing thicker and eventually reaching the ground. The curtain fig tree’s roots have dropped 15m to the forest floor, creating a curtain effect and a fascinating display of nature that continues to make it a must-see when visiting the Atherton Tablelands.  

An accessible boardwalk around the base protects the tree but also allows you to take in views of the 50m-tall beast from all angles. Remember to bring your camera. If you manage to capture the sun shining through the aerial roots, it’s guaranteed to make the cut for your next Instagram post.

View the curtain fig tree and the beauty of the Tablelands on this Rainforest, Waterfall and Crater Lakes Tour


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Fig Tree Road, East Barron

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