Good Night Scrub National Park


Nestled in the Burnett Valley between Gin Gin and Gayndah, Good Night Scrub National Park is home to an intact remnant of a once extensive hoop pine rainforest. Measuring some 6680ha, view the tall hoop pines soaring high above this dry rainforest which is also home to bottle trees and crows ash. Dry open forest areas sport spotted gum, forest red gum, and narrow-leaved red ironbark.

Its colourful name is derived from its thick scrub where locals believed if you lost your cattle you could “kiss them goodnight”. A former logging area, these days you’ll find a peaceful retreat with a bushland picnic setting overlooking Paradise Dam spillway.

Boasting more than 166 birds species, it’s also a great place to go birdwatching or walking along a fire trail.


  • Parking, Toilets and Barbecues at the nearby Paradise Dam recreation area

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  • Entry is free

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