Mon Repos Conservation Park


Most visitors flock to Mon Repos Conservation Park after dark, to partake in a guided turtle tour with rangers at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre and encounter nesting and hatching turtles. But there’s also plenty to see and do during the daytime.

This park is also home to rainforest scrub remnants and the site of Bundaberg’s famous aviator Bert Hinkler’s first glider flights. Also visit a tidal lagoon, rock pools, and an historic basalt wall built by South Sea Islanders who were brought to Queensland from the 1880s to work in the sugar industry.

Witness colourful displays of corals, sponges, barnacles and shellfish along the Woongarra coast, which is one of the most popular shore diving areas in Australia.


  • Parking
  • Toilets

Other Information

  • Mon Repos Turtle Centre and some walking tracks in the Mon Repos Regional Park have wheelchair access. However, due to the sandy beach, wheelchair access is not possible for Mon Repos Turtle Encounters.
  • Family Friendly

Important Info


Mon Repos


  • Entry to park is free
  • Cost and special access associated with turtle encounters via the Mon Repos Turtle Centre

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Attraction Map

Rookery Road, Mon Repos

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