Great Barrier Reef Tours - Overnight Tours

The Great Barrier Reef offers a very rare experience for overnight tours dive boat guests during the months of June & July on the northern sections of the reef - swimming with Minke whales. The Great Barrier Reef is the only location in the world where divers and snorkellers can swim with these rare Minke whales. With departures from Cairns, the dive boats head up to the Agincourt Ribbons Reefs region a place that is regarded as providing some of the most amazing underwater experiences in the world. That is a big statement but the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living coral structure on the planet which can be seen from space, it is no wonder it is called the Great Barrier Reef. These rare Minke whales visit the reef each year during June & July and the dive trips book out far in advance as this is the only location in the world where you can swim with these highly inquisitive whales. Other exciting dive spots on the Far North Great Barrier Reef off Cairns is the famous Cod Hole where you can dive with all sorts of sharks and other exotic marine life and play with the man sized Giant Potato Cod. The size of the giant corals, the underwater caves and ledge drop offs will excite scuba divers of all levels. The beautiful Whitsunday Islands also offer liveaboard dive trips on single hull sail boats making it a more casual way to spend a dive trip in such a dreamy location. The Great Barrier Reef is on the top of every scuba divers bucket list as it is regarded as one of the best diving experiences on the planet so these liveaboard dive trips book out far in advance. Even if you are not a scuba diver and you just like to snorkel you simply must book one of these to have a trip of a lifetime. The Barrier Reef Australia team say, you really have not seen the Great Barrier Reef unless you have been on a multi-night liveaboard dive trip in Australia, a day trip is just the teaser.

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