Best Great Barrier Reef Tour Deal | QS

Tour Code: 243

Departing: Cairns

Pickup: Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove, Port Douglas

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour Deal
  • Take your pick of 3 of the 7 highest quality Great Barrier Reef tours departing Cairns and Port Douglas for your 7 day combo package deal. Oh my how do you choose from these outstanding Great Barrier Reef tours?
  • Book your Great Barrier Reef combo package deal based on your abilities, or who you are travelling with to ensure everyone has the reef trip they can enjoy 
  • For scuba divers we have dive boats from Cairns and Port Douglas, for families we have floating pontoons in Cairns and Port Douglas and for non-swimmers we have island tours in Cairns and Port Duoglas
  • Excellent value 7-day Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Tour Pass. Buy this 3 Tour Package Deal, then spread the 3 reef trip tours over 7 days during your stay in Cairns or Port Douglas. Book early for your Reef Pass.

Included In Price

  • The 7 day Ultimate Reef Passport allows you to book any 3 Great Barrier Reef tours to be used over a 7 day period:
  • - Quicksilver Outer Reef - Port Douglas
  • - Wavedancer Low Isles - Port Douglas
  • - Silversonic (snorkelling) - Port Douglas
  • - Great Adventures Great Barrier Reef Adventure - Cairns
  • - Green Island Adventure - Cairns
  • - Silverswift (snorkelling) - Cairns
  • - Ocean Spirit – Michaelmas Cay - Cairns
  • Morning and afternoon teas, tropical smorgasbord lunch, snorkel equipment, glass bottom boat coral viewing, marine biologist presentation and guided beach walk.
  • Reef Levy

You don’t have to condense a once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting the Great Barrier Reef into one day. With our great deal busting 7 Day Ultimate Reef Tour Passport you can enjoy exploring different parts of the Great Barrier Reef on 3 Great Barrier Reef tours and save over $200

Your 7 Day Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Tour Passport allows you to select three brilliant high quality reef trips from an array of award-winning cruises on offer.

Your deal busting Great Barrier Reef Tour Passport begins its validity for 7 days from the date of your very first Great Barrier Reef tour experiences departure.

This really is the best Great Barrier Reef tour deal in Australia!   

Whether spending the day on an outer reef activity platform from Cairns, sailing on a luxury catamaran or visiting tropical cays (Low Isles, Michaelmas Cay, Green Island) the beauty of the nature and wildlife that you will experience on these tours is stunning.

From the activity platforms (from Cairns and Port Douglas) you can partake in a host of wonderful activities, from snorkelling and semi-submersible submarine tours to added extras such as Introductory & Certified Scuba Diving, Scuba-Doo(underwater scooters), helmet walking on a platform on the ocean floor and scenic helicopter rides.

Snorkel the pristine reefs around Low Isles just off Port Douglas, Green Island and Michaelmas Cay out of Cairns and you will likely see the local sea turtles that these fringing reefs are so well known for.

Between July - August you might be lucky to see the passing Dwarf Minke Whales, the only place in Australia where they are visible (on the outer reef cruise from Port Douglas).and Humpback Whales on their migration route to calve amongst the safe coral reefs. 

It’s going to be hard to choose from such an array of amazing reef trips on offer, but whatever three you choose you can be assured that it will be three days of fun, adventure and exploration that you will never forget. Ideal for old and young, teens and toddlers, families, singles and couples, everyone will have the time of their life.

Option 1 - Quicksilver – Outer Barrier Reef Cruise – Port Douglas

For the experience of a lifetime you will be taken on an air-conditioned, spacious wave piercing catamaran to a jewel in the Great Barrier Reef, the renowned Agincourt Reef system out from Port Douglas.

From the stable activity platform you will be able to explore the amazing underwater world from above and below the water.

Snorkel, swim, view fish feeding and marine biology presentations, watch the marine life from an underwater observatory and enjoy a semi-submersible submarine tour or glass bottom boat tour. 

Extra optional activities include scuba diving, helicopter scenic flights and ocean helmet diving on a submerged platform.

This Great Barrier Reef tour is ideal for all the family, young and old and all experience levels.It's also highly recommended for non-swimmers because all the activities on the pontoon allow the non-swimmer to still see the reef like all others  


6 hours 20 minutes


Departs Daily from Port Douglas Reef Marina

Check in 9.15am

Leaves 10.00am

Returns 4.30pm

Pick Ups:

Transfers from Port Douglas holiday accommodation is included.

Cairns or Northern Beaches transfers are extra cost.

Included in price:

  • Activity Platform
  • Semi-submersible submarine tour
  • Glass Bottom Boat tour
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Coral viewing tour with commentary
  • Marine biologist presentation
  • Underwater Observatory
  • Fish feeding presentation
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Hot and cold buffet lunch

Option 2 - Sail to the Idyllic Low Isles – Port Douglas

You will be sailing aboard a 30-metre sailing catamaran to the stunning Low Isles from Port Douglas. The Low Isles is an uninhabited island that is a picture perfect tropical island.

From the moment you arrive you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the white sand beaches and blue waters of the Low Isles. You can snorkel over the fringing reefs around the island, over giant clams, tropical reef sharks and coulourful fish and ofcourse the local sea turtles abundant in this area. 

Guided snorkel tours are included so why not join a marine guide to see the best on the day.   For the less energetic you can sunbathe on the beach under a shaded thatched umbrella or take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat. 

The guided heritage island walk is a highlight - join the marine naturalist and explore the Low Isles from top to bottom.


6 hours and 30 minutes


Departs Daily from Port Douglas Reef Marina

Check-in 9.15am

Leaves 10.00am

Returns at 4.30pm

Pick Ups:

Transfers are available from Port Douglas

If you wish to organise a transfer from Cairns and Northern Beaches, ask your Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist or book online.

Included in price:

  • Glass bottom boat tour
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Marine biology presentation
  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Island Walk with marine biologist
  • Lunch – served on board the yacht
  • Morning and afternoon teas

Option 3 - Outer Reef Dive and Snorkel Agincourt Reef - Port Douglas

Travel to the outer reef in one of the fastest and most stable boats on the Great Barrier Reef.

Your 29-metre catamaran departs daily from the Port Douglas Crystalbrook Super Yacht Reef Marina to three amazing snorkel/dive locations on the renowned Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

Snorkel amongst the amazing coral and fish life or upgrade to include scuba diving. Learn about all the wonderful things you are seeing with a reef marine biology presentation.

If you have always wondered what it is like to breathe underwater, then you can go on an optional extra introductory scuba dive with an experienced instructor.

You will learn basic skills and theory and then be taken out to a shallow dive site where you can find out how amazing the underwater world is, close up.

Certified dive tours are also available. All diving is at an extra cost.

Bonus: This boat also has a "swim with whales permit" for the months of July to August 


5 hours exploring the Great Barrier Reef


8.30am – Port Douglas Crystalbrook Super Yacht Reef Marina

Returns 4.30pm

Pick Ups:

Transfers from your Port Douglas holiday accommodation are included in the cost 

Transfers can be included from Cairns or Northern Beaches, book online or ask your Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist to arrange your transfers.

Included in price:

  • Snorkelling equipment (also includes the use of lycra suits)
  • Marine biology presentation
  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Morning and afternoon teas and coffees
  • Hot and cold buffet lunch
  • Hot showers on board
  • Transfers to and from Port Douglas accommodation
  • Prescription masks
  • Free WiFi

Option 4 - Outer Reef Dive and Snorkel – Day trip – Cairns

Your modern 29-metre catamaran will depart  from Cairns to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

You will have a host of amazing coral reef sites to explore where you can snorkel or scuba dive (diving at extra cost) and see the fantastic marine life and amazing coral formations.

You will be spending your time discovering the stunning marine life on the outer reef sites at Pellowe, Miln, Thetford and Flynn reefs. 

Having a wide choice of coral reefs to visit allows the tour to take you to the best snorkel (and dive) sites dependent on the weather and conditions.

For those wishing to experience the amazing underwater life close up and personal, then you can experience what it’s like to be a scuba diver by upgrading to include an Introductory Dive.

For certified scuba divers, you can dive with experienced dive guides. They know where the secret and best places are on each dive site and where to find the best marine life.


5 hours at the reef


8.30am from Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal

4.30pm return to Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal

Pick Ups:

Transfers to the Reef Fleet Terminal, Cairns are not included. If you require coach transfers book online or talk to your Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist who can arrange this for you.

Included in price:

  • Snorkelling equipment (including lycra suits)
  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Marine life presentation
  • Morning and afternoon coffee/tea
  • Hot and cold buffet lunch
  • Hot showers
  • Free Wifi onboard

Option 5 - Great Barrier Reef Adventure – Activity Platform - Cairns

Escape to a spacious activity platform moored at a spectacular site on the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

You will depart from Cairns and cruise to this spacious outer reef platform, where swimmers and non-swimmers will enjoy this magical day of exploration.

Choose the sedate air-conditioned semi-submarine tour and underwater observatory room, or for the more adventurous you can snorkel amongst coral and shoals of colourful fish, or just sunbathe on the platform’s sundeck.

For extra fun, you can ride a scuba-doo (like riding an underwater moped) or go on a scenic helicopter flight (extra cost).

For non-divers who would like to dive, there is an opportunity to book an introductory scuba dive (extra cost). 

For certified scuba divers, you can dive and explore the amazing Great Barrier Reef and its amazing life and corals with a dive master away from the crowds.

This really is a fun packed activity day on the Great Barrier Reef with something for everybody and all ages, just ideal for a family day and simply perfect for the non-swimmers.  


8 hours


Check-in: 9.30am

Vessel boarding; 10.10am

Departs: 10.30am

Returns:  5.30pm

Pick Ups:

Ask your Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist if you wish to arrange a transfer from your Cairns or Northern beaches holiday accommodation to the Cairns Reef Fleet terminal at extra cost.

Included in price:

  • Lycra suits
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Buoyancy vests (child sizes and adult sizes)
  • Semi-submersible submarine ride with commentary
  • Buffet lunch with hot and cold food options
  • Morning teas and coffee with tea cake selection
  • Afternoon tea and coffee with crackers and cheese
  • Prescription masks

Option 6 - Michaelmas Cay Cruise - Cairns

Set sail from Cairns on this 32-metre sailing catamaran to the picture postcard Michaelmas Cay. Michaelmas Cay is a low-lying sandy cay that is surrounded by a stunning fringing reef that is teeming with rich marine life.

You might snorkel past a sea turtle, over giant clams, see shoals of brightly coloured reef fish and swim with a friendly humphead Maori wrasse.

Michaelmas Cay is also a protected bird sanctuary that boasts an amazing 23 species of birds and is regarded as one of the most important bird breeding sites in the whole of the Great Barrier Reef.

For animal and nature lovers there are plenty of things to see above and below the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Take in the underwater sights as you cruise in a semi-submersible and get a diver’s view of the unforgettable beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Learn about the wonderful marine life you are seeing in a marine biology presentation and watch the fish feeding.

For the less active you can just laze on the boat and soak up the tropical atmosphere.

The shallow waters off Michaelmas Cay are the perfect location to experience your first Introductory dive as you are able to ease in with a beach entry. 

You will learn basic skills with your diving instructor and a brief before being taken underwater to see the amazing marine life and formations of the coral.


8 hours 30 minutes – 4 hours on the reef and Michaelmas Cay


From Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal

Departs: 8.30am

Returns: 5.00pm

Pick Ups:

If you wish to organise a transfer from your Cairns or Northern Beaches holiday accommodation then please speak to your Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist.

Included in Price:

  • Snorkelling equipment and instructions
  • Lycra swimming suits
  • Buoyancy vests (children and adult sizes)
  • Fish feeding presentation
  • Marine Biologist presentation
  • Semi-submersible submarine tour with commentary
  • Hot and cold buffet lunch (includes freshly caught prawns)
  • Complimentary sparkling wine on home journey with cheese and crackers
  • Morning tea and coffee
  • Afternoon tea and coffee

Option 7 - Green Island Tour - Cairns

Take a Great Barrier Reef tour to an island that is very unique and jam-packed with wonderful activities and things to do. 

Green Island is a definite ‘to do’ when you are visiting this amazing area and is a day that has something for everybody. 

This island offers an amazing ecosystem that boasts the reefs of the Great Barrier Reef surrounding it and also an amazing rainforest experience inland (the only coral cay that has a rainforest).

Spending a day on Green Island will really have you wondering how you are going to pack everything in. 

Snorkel and discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef surrounding this tropical island, or perhaps take it easy and enjoy the Glass Bottom boat tour instead. 

All guests have access to the self-guided Island walks and the day visitor facilities and Island pool.

Optional Extra Activities

Experience a scuba dive - no matter if you are certified or not, or try helmet walking, where you will walk along an underwater platform or the sea floor.

If you want to see the Great Barrier Reef and keep dry you can take a trip on a glass bottom boat and even take a helicopter ride.

On the water, you can go kayaking and parasailing. For those wanting a more sedate day you can laze on the white sand beach, lounge in a chair by the pool or even have an oil massage at the spa.

There is a swim up bar so you can chill with a glass of bubbles or a tropical cocktail.

You can also take a tour on a boardwalk around the island and learn about the amazing eco-diversity of the island with its 120 species of plants and array of colourful birds.


Visit Marineland Melanesia and be amazed at seeing the largest crocodile in captivity “Cassius” -  a massive 1 ton and 5.48 metres in length. 

View a variety of aquariums where you can see mantis shrimps, that have the strongest punch of any animal in the world, the ornate lionfish or the epaulette shark, named because of its black marks on its shoulders, the highly venomous stonefish, Nemo (clownfish) and other interesting marine life.

Marineland also houses one of the most extensive exhibits of Tribal Art from the Melanesian region, scrimshaw pieces and carved whale teeth, collected by George J Craig, who was a crocodile hunter.


Check-in 8.00am – Depart 8.30am
Check-in 10.00am – Depart 10.30am
Check in 12.30pm – Depart 1.00pm

Return times from Green Island:

Leaves Green Island 12.00pm, arrives Cairns 12.50pm
Leaves Green Island 2.30pm, arrives Cairns 3.20pm
Leaves Green Island 4.30pm, arrives Cairns 5.20pm

Included in Price: 

Air-conditioned catamaran transfers           

Morning tea or afternoon tea served on board the vessel.              

Optional extras:

  • Introductory scuba diving (subject to medical questionnaire)
  • Scenic Helicopter flights
  • Helmet Walking (Requires a full day on the Island)
  • Guided snorkel tours
  • Certified scuba diving 
  • Entry fees to Marineland
  • Parasailing, Sea Walking (Requires a full day on the Island
Departs From


Pickup Locations
  • Cairns
  • Cairns Northern Beaches
  • Palm Cove
  • Port Douglas
  • Limited Accommodation Transfers available from Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove and Port Douglas

Great Barrier Reef

Months of Operation

January - December

Days of Operation



3 x full day reef trips to be used over 7 days from your first Great Barrier Reef tour departure

Available for Purchase / Hire
  • Certified and Inroductory Scuba Diving
  • Seawalker
  • Ocean Walker
  • Scuba Doo
  • Scenic Helicopter Flights 
  • Infants age 3 will be charged the child price for any helicopter component booked, this charge will be added to your booking total
Fitness Level Required

Low, Medium, Active


Scuba Diving, Scuba Doo and Helmet Diving Restrictions

  • Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude some people from scuba diving and helmet diving/scuba doo.
  • Participation is subject to medical questionnaires completed on board with the tour operator.
  • Minimum age for scuba diving and helmet diving/scuba doo is 12 years.
  • Flying after scuba diving: a wait of 12 hours is recommended after one dive, 18 hour after 2 dives and at least 24 hours after multiple dives, before ascending to an altitude of 300 metres or greater.

Intro Dive Medical Advanced Dive Medical Seawalker Medical

Read more about Diving Safety on the Great Barrier Reef.

Additional Information

Scuba Diving/Ocean Walker/Seawalker/Scuba Doo - must be 12 years old and pass dive medical questionaire

Eco Certifications
Eco Advanced Tourism

For each day trip pack as if you were going to the beach

  • Child price applies to children 4 to 14.
  • Infants 3 years and under are free of charge.
  • Infants age 3 will be charged the child price for any helicopter component booked, this charge will be added to your booking total


  • Non-refundable
  • Not transferable
  • Not valid with any other offer
  • Cruises subject to availability
  • Photo ID required
  • Valid for 7 days from the first day of travel
  • Coach transfers not included.

***Please advise us in the 'Additional Information' section of the booking form which 3 Great Barrier Reef trips you selected***

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour Deal | QS

Tour Code: 243

Departing: Cairns

Pickup: Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove, Port Douglas

Best Great Barrier Reef Tour Deal



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Child: au$323.00
Family: au$1,527.00

Tour Code: 243



15 yrs & over

4 - 14 yrs

0 - 3 yrs

Ages of Children
(Discounts May Apply)
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1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745

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