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Tour Code: 191

Departing: Cairns

Cape York Flights - Day Tour From Cairns
  • When in Cairns you simply must book a Cape York scenic flight to reach the tip of Australia for that bucket list photo on the beach with your family and friends.
  • As you depart Cairns and make your way along the coastline of the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland towards Cape York in your aircraft ensure you have your camera at the ready
  • Journey to Frangipani Beach, the most northern beach in mainland Australia. Discover the white sandy coastlines and dense rainforests of the region on a Guided 4WD Tour to the tip of Cape York
  • Have your camera ready as you reach Frangipani Beach by 4WD, the most northern beach point of Australia. The northen most point tip lookout overlooking the rolling coastline and golden sands provide a perfect backdrop for a bucket list selfie
  • With large viewing windows, your scenic fixed wing flight from Cairns to Cape York over the Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef will offer plenty of selfie opportunities  

Included In Price

  • Return airfares to "The Tip of Australia" from Cairns
  • Local guide and 4x4 tour to "The Tip of Australia"
  • Morning & Afternoon Teas, Picnic Lunch at Frangipani Beach & soft drinks
  • Taxes & landing fees
  • Free parking at our Cairns Terminal

Cape York day tours on a scenic flight. Fly over the Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest by scenic flight from Cairns or Cooktown to Bamaga, before enjoying a guided 4WD Tour to Cape York the very tip of Australia.

Walk on the top of Australia, visit the Torres Straits on our 1 day Cape York scenic flight.

With 6 passengers on board for our small group Cape York day tours we leave from Cairns and now from Cooktown and take you on a low level flight that covers approximately 1100 kilometres of spectacular rainforest and Great Barrier Reef scenery as you make your way towards Cape York.

If you have ever wanted to stand on the very tip of Australia at Cape York, then this is the scenic flight day tour for you as we are the specialists in Cape York tours and scenic flights over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Our flights depart from Cairns and Cooktown to Cape York and the top end of Australia with a minimum of 6 passengers who will each be seated by the windows in our beautifully coached aircraft. 

Arriving in Bamaga, you will enjoy a Guided 4WD Tour of this remotely beautiful region. Discover Cape York’s natural wonders including Frangipani Beach, the most northern beach in Australia.

From here, your guide will lead you north approximately 1000 metres where you will find yourself standing at the very top of Australia the northern most tip of the continent. 

Stand here proudly as you have your photo taken overlooking the Torres Strait which lies between Australia and the Melanesian island of Papua New Guinea.

In your 4WD explore the vastness of Cape York including waterfalls and historic sights as well as the wealth of local native Australian wildlife.

Cape York Full Day Tour

Departing daily from Cairns or Cooktown, this is the ultimate Tropical North Queensland adventure for a minimum of 6 passengers.

Your tour includes a low level scenic flight to Bamaga over the stunning Great Barrier Reef, Rainforest and diverse landscapes of Cape York.

You will then enjoy a Guided 4WD Tour to very top of Australia, as well as Lunch, snacks and refreshments.  

Scenic Flight to Bamaga and Cape York

Cape York covers an area of around 208,000 square kilometers, boasting rainforest clad mountains, white sandy beaches, silica sands, towering coastline headlands, low level mangroves, rolling mountain ranges and dense national parks.

It truly is one of the most diverse and untouched wilderness areas in Australia and the best way to truly soak in the sites if from above.

Departing from Cairns, your low level scenic flight will veer north and begin its journey towards the humble town of Bamaga.

Immediately you will be greeted with awe inspiring views of the Cairns northern beaches, mangroves, estuaries and surrounding greenery. Continuing north along the coastline, you will soon be welcomed with stretching views of two World Heritage Listed wonders, the Great Barrier Reef to your right and the world’s oldest Rainforest, the Daintree, to your left.

Your aeroplane pilot will have you spotting for the abundance of natural wonders and landmarks below as you continue your journey deep into the remote north of outback Australia.

Keep your eyes peeled for the mighty Daintree, Jardine, Wenlock and Endeavor Rivers as you soar above Cape Tribulation, Lakefield National Park, Iron Range and the historic coastal township of Cooktown.

As you continue along the coastline, you will be welcomed with breath taking views of the Great Barrier Reef, Forbes Islands and the Flinders Islands Groups.

Watch as the rainforest rolls into spectacular views of the Outback and the Savannah Desert as your pilot shows you parts of Cape York that are inaccessible by vehicle.

Have your camera ready as you fly above Cape Melville, the silica sands of Cape Flattery, Princess Charlotte Bay and Bathurst Heads. 

Guided Cape York 4WD Day Tour

Your low level scenic flight will land in Bamaga, a small town located around 40km south of Cape York and is one of the most northern settlements in continental Australia.

The area is enriched with history, culture and war memorabilia and is a popular tourist town for those looking to venture to nearby Thursday Island, Horn Island or the many fishing, boating or off the beaten track camping and 4WD locations in the area.

Explore and spot for bird life at the nearby Lockerbie Scrub Rainforest, visit the World War II aircraft wrecks, pay a visit to the historic ruins of Somerset Homestead or take a dip in Twin Falls or Fruit Bat Falls.

You will also find a number of quaint stalls in the townships of Bamaga where you may be able to pick up a souvenir.

Your tour will then guide you to the most northern beach in Australia, Frangipani Beach.

Have your camera ready as the view from the headland is fantastic! From here, your guide will lead you on a short 1000metre walk to the Tip of Cape York, the northernmost tip of the continent!

Your Cape York day tour includes Lunch, snacks, refreshments and plentiful photo opportunities before returning to Bamaga’s iconic Bush Strip for your return scenic flight back to Cairns.

Cape York to Cairns Scenic Flight

As you farewell Australia’s northern tip, you will then board your aircraft at Bush Strip before taking off from Bamaga.

Your low level scenic flight will have you soaring above the tip of Cape York Peninsula as you make your way over the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback and the Rainforest and back to Cairns or our new base at Cooktown.

You may even be lucky enough to spot Thursday Island or Horn Island on the way!

After soaking in the very best of the Tropical North Queensland landscape, you will never look at a map of Australia the same way again.

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Tour Languages Offered
  • English
Departs From


Departure Time

Cairns Departure Time 7:45am (approx.) - Check in 7.00am (approx.) - Returns 5.30pm (approx.)

Departure Instructions

A safety briefing will be conducted before flight departure

  • Bamaga
  • Cape York Peninsula
  • Cooktown
  • Cape York
  • Bamaga
  • The Jardine River
  • Endeavour River
  • Wenlock River
  • Daintree River
  • Forbes Islands
  • Cooktown
  • Cape Flattery
  • Cape Melville
  • Cape Grenville
  • Cape Tribulation
  • Iron Range
  • Black Mountain
  • Lakefield National Parks
  • Torres Straits
Months of Operation

April - November

Days of Operation



Flight time Cairns to Cape York: 2 hours and 25 minutes

Fitness Level Required

Medium, Active


This Cape York flight requires a minimum number of passengers to operate

Weight: Up to 115 Kg / 254 Lb

Additional Information
  • Please note a certain level of fitness is required on this tour.
  • The walk to the top of Australia can be trying at best for some people. If the tide is out the walk is easier as 90 percent of the walk is along the beach. If the tide is in guests must walk along a rocky undulating uneven track for approximately 1.6 kms which can be steep in places
  • All passengers need to be able to walk unaided over rocky terrain and get in and out of an aeroplane using a narrow stairs/ladder unaided.
  • The 1.6 kilometre hike is rated a 7 out of 10 in terms of difficulty.
  • You must inform us if you have medical issues affecting your ability to walk unaided over rough terrain and short steep rocky obstacles which are extremely slippery when wet. There are no handrails. The walk to the top from the bus / carpark takes approximately 30 minutes each way.
  • In the event guests feel they do not want to conduct the walk over the rocks they are welcome to stroll along Frangipani Beach or wander through the rainforest; Frangipani Beach is beatiful and many kms long and is the Northern Most Beach on the Australian mainland.
  • Guests should not book onwards flights out of Cairns because of the possible delays we may experience.
  • It is not uncommon to encounter flooded streams, tress across the roads, roads washed out... etc. Guests should not book connecting flights from Cairns on the evening of the day they intend to conduct the tour.
  • In the event of an injury, please note medical help can be hours away.
  • Comfortable Clothing and walking shoes, Hat, sun protection, camera and a bottle of water
  • Come dressed in light clothing, shoes for walking up to 3.2 kms (runners or sandals), water, sun cream, hat and camera to capture th amazing views.
  • Water: when organissing your water please remember you will be walking for approximately 3.2 kms return to the top and back to the bus you will travelling over 2000 kms in buses and planes. Water can be purchased at one outlet on Cape York. Water is also sold at our terminal. We recommend you bring at least 1.5 litres of water per person.

  • Children aged 2 years old and up, must be accommodated on a seat with a standard seat belt.
  • Infants aged up to 2 years old travel free of charge. Infant must sit on parents lap and be secured by a suitably approved harness, which is provided by the operator.

All cancellations must be in writing.

We understand things may change, so we have made cancellations very easy.

In every instance we always recommend you purchase travel insurance for life’s last-minute hiccups.

Please see our terms and conditions for details prior to booking.

Operators policy:

  • All Passengers have a window seat in the aircraft.
  • Cancellations must be advised at least 14 days prior to flight to receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made between 48 hours and 14 days prior to flight will incur a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of flight will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Important information:

Please note a certain level of fitness is required on this tour.

All passengers need to be able to walk unaided over rocky terrain and get in and out of an aeroplane using a narrow stairs/ladder unaided.  

The 1.6 kilometre hike is rated a 7 out of 10 in terms of difficulty.

Cape York Scenic Flight Day Tour | Cairns to The Tip | DA

Tour Code: 191

Departing: Cairns

Cape York Flights - Day Tour From Cairns



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Child: au$1,899.00
Family: au$7,596.00

Tour Code: 191



15 yrs & over

2 - 14 yrs

0 - 1 yrs

Ages of Children
(Discounts May Apply)
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745

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