Skydive At Airlie Beach 8,500 - 15,000 Ft

Tour Code: 423

Departing: Airlie Beach

Pickup: Airlie Beach, Cannonvale Beach, Shute Harbour

Scare Yourself Silly Skydiving
  • Once you get over the terror of your skydive jump from the plane see the unforgettable and world famous panorama of the Whitsunday Islands as you parachute from 15,000ft!
  • Make sure you book the whole package with video to record yourself in your skydive suit outside the light plane with your skydive buddies, ready to soar the skies, before you throw yourself  out of the plane in an adrenaline rush! 
  • Choose your skydive height from 7000 to 15,000 feet for the rush of a lifetime. See the magnificence of the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef as you fly across the islands in the light plane. 

Included In Price

  • Courtesy transfers from Airlie Beach, Cannonvale and Shute Harbour accommodation
  • Includes tandem skydive, equipment and tuition
  • Jump pants, plus fleece and gloves are provided in the cooler months
  • Personalised certificate of achievement, loyalty rewards card and bumper sticker
  • Small personalised group of 6
  • 3 month membership of the Australian Parachute Federation

Skydive from the town of Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, jump from 7,000 or 15 ,000ft on a Tandem Skydive, and experience the thrill of 1 whole minute of sensational freefall and amazing views.

At some point of our lives, nearly all of us have dreamed of flying, right? Soaring over a canopy of blue skies, leaping into billowing clouds, gliding over the earth with a vast view of beauty below us?

Here’s the chance to make that fantasy come true on a Tandem Skydive at Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef!

From the legendary and picturesque coastal town of Airlie Beach, you can choose to be picked up at your accommodation, or meet at head office in the colourful village hub.

You’ll be spirited away through breathtaking rainforest to Whitsunday Airport in preparation for your tandem 7,000 to 15,000 FT skydive adventure.

On the journey, they’ll be a safety presentation and video, with some skills and tips to enrich your skydiving experience.

You’ll meet your expert Tandem Skydive buddy and new best friend here, who will not only put any nerves at ease, but prepare you for the most exhilarating joyride of your life!

You’ll soar in a plane to either 7,000 or 15,000ft, and with a last briefing, it will be time to enter the dazzling skies!

The one minute skydive freefall will be a sensory phenomenon, and once you pull your parachute, you’ll glide over the kind of panorama dreams are made of; the splendorous tapestry of islands and sparkling ocean beneath you just happens to be the famous Whitsundays and the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef of Australia!

Your Skydiving Journey

Meander down the vibrant streets of Airlie Beach toward your Skydiving tour company office, or be picked up from the front door of your accommodation.

Leave plenty of time for this life-changing experience, as your tandem skydive experts choose the very best moment to jump, based on blue skies and pristine conditions!

To begin this thrilling aerial experience, you’ll venture 15 minutes out of town, along a breathtaking rainforest-clad highway.

They’ll be some riveting Tandem Skydive tuition and skills, shared by your expert accredited partner, and new conjoined best friend who will be strapped to your back like a ninja turtle!

Once you arrive at Whitsunday Airport ‘Drop Zone’ you’ll ascend the skies by plane on an extraordinary climb through the clouds.

You and your expert tandem buddy will be ready to freefall in a dynamic one minute drop, where you’ll then drift by parachute over the magnificent Whitsundays for an unforgettable 7 minutes!

Skydive from Airlie Beach

The stunning paradise township of Airlie Beach was put on the map as the gateway to Australia’s world famous Whitsunday Islands.

It’s likewise a hub of adventure, with camping (and glamping), breathtaking bushwalks, swimming in shimmering waters, and of course, the most exceptional skydiving.

Enveloped by an evergreen of rainforest and the world heritage Great Barrier Reef, this picturesque village has progressed into a colourful icon, while maintaining its laid back charm.

And if you’re meeting your skydive tandem crew at headquarters in the main street of Airlie, it might be the perfect time to relax in the ambience before the adrenaline kicks in!

Prior to your life-changing skydiving jump, you might like to check out the many unique boutiques, snack on a breakfast delight at a beachside eatery, or simply power up for the big event with a tropical fresh juice!

The idyllic village of Airlie Beach is a magical starting point to your magnificent expedition.

Jump Out Of A Plane, We Dare You

In phase 1 of this exceptional adventure, you’ll leave from charismatic Airlie Beach on a rainforest journey to Whitsunday Airport.

And in phase 2, you’ll ascend 15,000 feet in the air to a canopy of blue skies.

During the climb into billowing clouds, your skydive expert will share some safety skills aboard the plane.

Understandably, you may be feeling some butterflies in your tummy, but there’s no need for nerves; your experienced tandem buddy is not only there to ensure an effortless, smooth jump, but help you build a joyful expectation of this exhilarant event!

And your personal expert will also lead the jump securely strapped to you.

Locals and visitors alike share how looking out the window at a mesmerizing view of emerald islands and turquoise waters will add to the intoxicating wonder.

Which leads to phase 3; turn those tummy flutters into pulsing excitement and soar!

Iconic Whitsundays Below

You’ve not only chosen to embark on the most celebrated adrenaline adventure known to man, but you’ve picked a legendary world icon to do it it!

The Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef are famed for the magnificence of their beauty.

They were recently voted as second, out of the top 18 Instagrammable destinations on the entire planet!

From the moment you embark on the light plane, you’ll note the aqua, cerulean and turquoise blues of the Great Barrier Reef are unlike anything but a wondrous dream.

The islands rise from the ocean as emerald pinnacles surrounded by an aura of pristine beaches, with a truly breathtaking swirl of coral, lagoons and white sands.

Your panorama from 15,000ft will encompasses all of this, with sailboats gleaming like speckles below, and the peaked roofs of jungle resorts as you come into land. 

Skydive From 15,000ft

Embrace the warp-speed! Nothing will compare to the dynamic sensory magic of plummeting through the clouds!

This gripping adventure will be all you imagined and much more, on the wildest freefall for an entire minute through the skies.

You’ll be securely strapped to your tandem expert buddy, and together you’ll take the leap.

The initial drop will be an animated rush, where each sense will experience a stimulated marvel; take any theme park ride you’ve been on and multiply it by 100!

When the canopy of your parachute opens, an altogether different ecstasy will take over.

You’ll feel sheer bliss as you and your tandem buddy soar through a seemingly endless stretch of blue, looking down at an unforgettable and dazzling patchwork of tropical paradise.

At around 15,000ft, you’ll have 5-7 minutes to glide over the world famous vision of the Whitsunday Islands adorned by the Great Barrier Reef!

Optional Go Low at 7,000ft

You’ll still freefall through billowing clouds, and you’ll still experience the rush of flying across the tropical magic of Far North Queensland.

Tandem Skydiving from a lower 7000ft is great for first timers who would prefer to work their way up to 15,000ft.

It’s perfectly natural to feel some quivers, but just remember; your tandem buddy is a certified expert with thousands of jumps under their parachute, and is there to soothe those nerves into blissful expectancy!

On a 7000ft jump, you’ll only freefall for around 12-13 seconds, so you can get used to the whirling thrill.

Yet this illustrious adventure will likewise still ensure you experience the beauty of gliding for 5-7 minutes over the world heritage icon of the Whitsunday Islands and azure Great Barrier Reef.

And keep your eyes peeled on the drift down for the gleaming shores of the universally famous Whitehaven Beach! 

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Tour Languages Offered
  • English
Departs From

Airlie Beach

Departure Time

Tandem Skydiving tours begin at 6am from Airlie Beach, and run on the hour through the day.

Departure Instructions
  • Pick up from accommodation is 15-20 minutes before selected tour time.
  • If making own way to Airlie Beach office, please check in 15 minutes before tour time.
Pickup Locations
  • Airlie Beach
  • Cannonvale Beach
  • Shute Harbour
  • Airlie Beach
  • Airlie Beach
Months of Operation

January - December

Days of Operation


Tandem Skydiving tours begin at 6am from Airlie Beach, and run on the hour through the day.


Tour Time 3-4 hours;

Available for Purchase / Hire

Photo and video packages available - delivered to you via email

Fitness Level Required


  • If you weight over 100 kilo, you will be subject to Tandem Master assessment.
  • With passengers weighing over 95 kilo, a surcharge will apply on the day.
  • Please note, passengers who have previously participated in diving must permit *12 hours after introductory scuba dive before skydiving, and *24 hours after 2 certified scuba dives before skydiving.
Additional Information

No drugs or alcohol to be consumed 8 hours prior to your jump

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Lace up shoes or runners (no things, sandals or flip flops)
  • Spare change for drinks and snacks from vending machine

  • Minimum age to participate is 12 years and over
  • Children 12 and over travel at adult price
  • Guests aged 12-18 must have parent or legal guardian consent form and travel with adult.

All cancellations must be in writing. Please note that all cancellations will incur an administration fee. Please see our terms and conditions for details prior to booking.

  • Booking payments are per person (individual)
  • Booking payments are non-refundable but are transferrable
  • All skydives include a $110 administration fee which is non-refundable
  • To change your booking to a different date and time, operator requires 48 hours notice or your booking payment(s) will be void
  • Rebooking your skydive without 48 hours notice will incur a $110 rebooking fee
  • Failure to turn up at the ‘check-in’ time will result in a 100% cancellation fee
  • Failure to go through with your skydive will forfeit your jump, no refunds will be given
  • All bookings are final, no refunds are given for change of mind or change of experience to a lesser value
  • If your skydive is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be required to book for another day, for the same experience
  • Upgrade fees for changing to weekend experiences or different locations must be paid in these circumstances
  • Skydives can be transferred to another Skydive Australia location, any price upgrades must be paid by the customer
  • Cash refunds will not be available when changing to an experience of lesser value

Skydive At Airlie Beach 8,500 - 15,000 Ft

Tour Code: 423

Departing: Airlie Beach

Pickup: Airlie Beach, Cannonvale Beach, Shute Harbour

Scare Yourself Silly Skydiving



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Child: au$219.00
Family: au$876.00

Tour Code: 423



1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745

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