Whitsundays Diving & Sailing | 2 Day 2 Night | 18 - 35's

Tour Code: 404

Departing: Airlie Beach

2 Day - 2 Night Dive & Snorkel 18 - 35's
  • One of the very few boats in the Whitsunday Islands offering scuba diving, banana boat rides, stand up paddle boards, jet boat rides and snorkeling. Book your Great Barrier Reef tour early if you are a scuba diver.  
  • You can’t miss snapping selfies on the pure white shores and aqua waters of Whitehaven Beach; listed in the world’s top 5 beaches.  And on party night, have your phone or camera ready, in case you win King or Queen of the Clipper!
  • The party doesn’t have to stop here! For all you merry 18-35's year olds, have a chat to your boat crew about a few of the other festive activities on offer!
  • Wow, a massive inflatable waterslide, 12 person hot tub and a dive platform, and your liveaboard dive boat is air-conditioned!

Included In Price

  • All meals, along with nibbles, platters and snacks provided
  • 21 Air-conditioned Cabins - 7 Crew
  • 12 person spa on deck
  • Fresh linen and bath towels provided
  • Snorkelling equipment and wetsuits included
  • 2 Massive Waterslides on boat - 1 is 8 metres with 5 metre drop and a 9 metre
  • Diving gear, dive platform
  • Spacious saloon and decks
  • BYO alcohol
  • 240 volt power points for phone chargers, hairdryers and hair straighteners
  • SUP boards or stand up paddle boards
  • Scuba diving gear

Are you ready for the ultimate sailing fun and entertainment in Airlie Beach on our dive and snorkel Great Barrier Reef tour? On the Whitsundays largest sail boat, complete with hot tub, waterslides, snorkelling and diving, you’ll meet new forever friends over the next 2 days, 2 nights.

It’ll be high jinks on the high seas! You’ll not only see many beaches and coral reefs on the magnificent Whitsunday Islands, but with the sociable and merry nature of this sail boat, you’ll meet lifelong friends to share the memories with! 

Departing from Airlie Beach embark on a scuba diving and snorkelling tour - exploring the 74 Whitsunday Islands and festive partying!

The most fun, most popular and most exciting dive and snorkel trip in the Whitsunday Islands and we even have WIFI.

Come and meet your newest forever friends from around the world and see the Great Barrier Reef on our 2 day, 2 night dive and snorkel sailing adventure. 

Our big spacious 34 metre boat accommodates up to 53 fun-loving passengers who are accommodated in our 21 private cabins that sleep 2,3, or 4 people! 

Our guests can choose from double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms or quadruple rooms. 

We have 7 hot and cold showers, 7 toilets, along with the great big blue of the Great Barrier Reef to keep you clean and we have all of our scuba dive equipment on board the boat. 

We boast an engaging crew, and an onboard chef preparing mouthwatering meals and snacks to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Departing from Airlie Beach for 2 days and 2 nights, you’ll explore the breathtaking azure bays of Hook Island, Blue Pearl Bay, and of course the legendary pure white silica beach sand of the world famous Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet.

Whilst scuba diving or snorkelling the vivid coral gardens and rainbow of marine life on the Great Barrier Reef must be seen to be believed.

And you’ll have a choice of doing so by skimming the crystal surface by snorkelling, or delving the depths on a scuba dive trip!

The night time’s are spent anchored in tropical secluded coves, where you’ll sip a cool beverage under the stars from either the forward deck or 12 person hot tub!

There’s so much opportunity on this liveaboard Great Barrier Reef cruise to collect new friends and experiences with party games, shenanigans and festivities to join in!

Beautiful islands, beautiful people, beautiful memories and great scuba diving in the Whitsunday Islands.

Set Sail in The Whitsunday Islands

Once named ‘The Guinness Clipper’ due to the former task of transporting Guinness beer from the UK to the USA during the 70’s, the vessel now known as the S.V. ATC has been carrying barrels of fun all along!

Your spacious sail boat is not only renowned as the largest liveaboard dive and snorkel boat in the Whitsundays, but likewise has a long reputation for the most fun.

Soon as you step on board your home for the next 2 days and 2 nights, you’ll find your friendly crew professional, yet engaging with good cheer.

The crew also just happens to consist of two dive instructors, in case you’d like to try scuba diving to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef for the first time!

As you pass the Molle Group and Hook Passage, you’ll hear a safety presentation, along with some riveting reef facts and snorkelling tips to enrich your Whitsundays holiday experience!

Welcome to Your Party Boat

At a whopping 34 metres, with three spacious decks, your luxury vessel holds room for a whole lot of fun!

Among your island hopping in the majestic Whitsunday Islands, and alongside snorkelling and trekking the islands, you’ll find this floating paradise a hub of activity in itself.

Not only does it have amazing music available at all times, but with a huge saloon, spacious sundeck and comfy sleeping berths, you can find a spot of relaxation at any time.

Yet if you’re in the mood for thrills and spills, you’ll likewise find a brand new 3 story high waterslide to have you flying into the alluring blue ocean, again and again!

With easy water access from the back deck, you’ll find embarking on an introductory or certified scuba dive a breeze.

Likewise if you’re in the mood to slip into the tropical balmy waters for an afternoon swim.

At night, a new round of festivities begins with a disco party, and stargazing from a 12 seater hot tub!

Explore the Whitsundays

The outstanding Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s natural wonders, and the Whitsunday Islands are the jewel in its treasured crown.

You’ve chosen your amazing tour amidst a stunning archipelago of sheer tropical paradise.

The 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays are a lavish array of rainforest-covered mountains, cascading waterfalls, breathtaking bush treks, and spellbinding swirls of sandy-aqua coves.

Along with these mesmerizing characteristics, the islands are fringed with phenomenal coral reefs teeming with marine life.

It’s fascinating to think that in Australia’s largest cluster of islands, only 8 are inhabited!

Which means that you’ll have the opportunity to swim in the shallows of an authentic deserted beach!

Hook Island

Hook Island is a dream of rolling mountains, mirror-like lagoons and picturesque bays.

The balmy conditions and azure crystal waters make this a perfect destination for frolicking in the shallows, lying on the sun soaked shores, or indulging in a spot of snorkelling.

One of the more renowned islands on the Whitsundays, Hook embraces travellers from far and wide seeking nature’s magnificence and phenomena.

Any given day could produce spectacular sights in the form of eagles, sea-turtles popping their head up on from the shoreline, and dugongs (sea-cow) meandering along the waves.

Hook Island is a largely unpopulated paradise, with a wild and rugged tropical beauty, and boasts the famed Nara Inlet.

It also has accessible walking treks that lead to mysterious indigenous painted caves, and rock pools formed from rainwater.

Blue Pearl Bay

Hayman Island, one of the smaller in the Whitsunday Passage, is known for an opulent resort, but more so for the stunning beauty and abundant wildlife at Blue Pearl Bay.

The shimmering cerulean waters here are so superb in appearance, and the coral so vividly healthy and colourful, even the fish don’t want to leave!

In which case, this cove boasts it’s very own resident Maori Wrasse; an intricately marked and massive (but friendly) fish, known to follow snorkellers around like a long lost puppy dog!

With an endless array of reef fish for you to discover on a snorkelling safari, the marine life line up will be a featured highlight along with the unending party fun.

You’ll see the startling yellows and greens of Parrot fish and Damsels, and maybe the silvery shadow of a sting-ray.

And from the evergreen of the tropical foliage on the shoreline, keep your eyes peeled for Kookaburras, cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets!

Discover Iconic Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach will not only be a main feature of your sailing tour, but will showcase in your dreams for a lifetime.

On a guided tourwith our boat crew, you’ll hike to the top of Hill Inlet to see the unforgettable, panoramic swirls of white and aqua below.

This vista happens to be the 4th most photographed view in Australia, and is listed in the top five beaches on the entire planet!

After your trek, nothing will fill your senses with bliss more than wading in the crystal shallows.

Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef

You’ll find this cruise a frolicking tour of discovery; whether it be dancing with new friends, drinks in a hot tub anchored at islands, or slipping on a mask and fins to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

The snorkelling at the Whitsundays is legendary for phenomenal colour and jaw-dropping marine life.

Your brand new buddies and friendly crew will have briefed you on a few snorkelling tips to enrich your experience.

You’ll simply pop on a comfortable snorkel, mask, and fins to glide the surface, and you’ll be ready to witness the most outstanding feature of your cruise!

Below you, a world of rainbow coral formations in the shape of pinnacles, boulders and mountains will unfold.

And among that aquatic kingdom, you could see a silvery sting-ray, or a majestic sea-turtle!

And keep your eyes peeled for Clowns (Nemo) and Damsels; fish that actually change from blue to green right in front of you!

Try an Introductory Dive on the Great Barrier Reef

You won’t need any experience to scuba dive in the Whitsundays, yet you might want to prepare for the most awesome experience of your life! 

The phenomenal Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder of the world, and the largest living organism on our planet!

After an easy-to-learn lesson from your onboard dive instructor, you’ll explore this phenomenon for 30 whole minutes while breathing easily underwater.

With over 400 species of coral, you’ll glide through breathtaking gardens, pinnacles and mountains (bommies).

The Whitsundays are also home to an endless array of marine life, and unlike snorkelling, you can hover just inches away from a Clown fish colony (Nemo), and enjoy a close up inspection of turquoise Parrot fish as they munch away on coral!

You may also find yourself at the same level (literally) as a ray or sea-turtle! 

Certified Dive the Whitsundays

It’s no secret; every experienced scuba diver knows the Great Barrier Reef is scuba heaven, and on almost every diver’s exploration list.

And the Whitsunday’s are renowned for owning some of the most vividly extraordinary coral known to man.

Yet as you glide the fathoms alongside your experienced diving instructor buddy, one of things you might not expect is the sheer diversity of the marine life here.

Apart from the usual suspects in the form of Angels, Parrots, Clowns (Nemo) and Damsel, the reef is also home to 6 out of the 7 species of sea-turtles on the planet.

This means it’s not uncommon to spot a Loggerhead or rare Olive Ridley.

And with 30 species of whale, dolphin and porpoise, you could wind up with the thrill of your life seeing a Bottlenose or Humpback, since both regularly migrate here from Antarctica! 

Prepare for Mouthwatering Meals

Even the food on this liveaboard sail boat cruise is fun!

They’ll be plenty of delicious fuel for all that swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and hiking with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all included.

You’ll awake to cereals and fresh fruit platters in a half continental, half tropical feast! 

There will be snacks throughout the day in the form of Aussie hotdogs, bursting with cheese and fried onion, in between mouthwatering cold meat platters and salads for lunch.

And at night time, before you sit back with a beverage and either stargaze or join in the party, you’ll find dinner a tantalising affair of fresh fish with lemon and herbs on your first night.

And on night two, get ready for the most delicious, homemade bowl of spaghetti bolognaise, accompanied by crisp salad and crusty garlic bread! 

Never Ending Party

Listen up, beautiful party people! We don’t want to give away too much of the surprise, but on the last night of your Whitsundays sailing tour, there will be an epic celebration to say goodbye to your holiday cruise, and hello to a lifetime of memories!

You and your new lifelong friends will have the opportunity to dress up, participate in all sorts of shenanigans and high jinks on the high seas!

There will be a show and performance, predominately starring you.

Not only will this be the grand finale, but you might be the lucky winner whom everyone will raise as glass to; as the King and Queen of the Clipper Ship!

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Tour Languages Offered
  • English
Departs From

Airlie Beach

Departure Time
  • Meeting Time 2.15pm - Departs 2.30pm - Returns 12.00pm
  • Meeting point: Coral Sea Marina South End (Meeting Point C)
Departure Instructions
  • Passengers must reconfirm with our office 48 hours prior to travel
  • CHECK IN IS NOW DONE ONLINE*** Passengers must be checked in at least the day before
  • Blue Pearl Bay
  • Langford Reef
  • Tongue Bay
  • Shute Harbour
  • Hook Island
  • Whitehaven Beach
Months of Operation

January - December

Days of Operation

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Itineraries differ from voyage to voyage and are dependant on the weather and tidal conditions and may be the reverse
It is important to note we do not guarantee the tours will visit every location as described
Were we do not meet the minimum number of guests to operate a service, it may therefore be necessary to cancel a scheduled departure and to offer an alternative TOUR of similar or higher standard, or alternatively full refund for that tour


2 Days and 2 Nights

Available for Purchase / Hire
  • Introductory and certified dives available as optional extra to be booked on board
  • Optional extra: Jet boat ride Day 3
  • Optional extra: Banana boat ride Day 3
Fitness Level Required

Medium, Active


Scuba Diving – minimum age 12


Scuba Diving Restrictions

  • Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude some people from scuba diving.
  • Participation is subject to a medical questionnaire completed on board with the tour operator
  • Minimum age for scuba diving is 12 years.
  • Flying after scuba diving: a wait of 12 hours is recommended after one dive, 18 hour after 2 dives and at least 24 hours after multiple dives, before ascending to an altitude of 300 metres or greater.

Advanced Dive Medical Intro Dive Medical

Read more about Diving Safety on the Great Barrier Reef.

Additional Information
  • While many guests travel from abroad, it is crucial travellers have a good understanding of English for safety briefings.
  • Please advise travel agent of any food allergies upon booking.
  • Guest must be able to swim.
  • Medical questionnaire for divers required.
  • Please be advised this is a party boat tour, where the majority of guests are aged 18-30 and invited to let their hair down at night with a few drinks.
  • While guests are encouraged to let their hair down and celebrate, any drunken behaviour deemed as inappropriate, harassment or anti-social will not be tolerated, please bring only positive energy and smiles on this cruise!
  • Atlantic Clipper = $20 – Gluten free. Lactose intolerant and vegan
Eco Certifications
Ecotourism Certified
  • BYO alcohol (no glass or red wine please) cask wine is favourable
  • Swimwear & Beach towel
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Jacket for the evening in the cooler months (Australian winter)
  • Cash or credit card
  • Comfortable sandals or thongs for bushwalk trek
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Qualified divers must bring dive card
  • * Bag storage available in our office at 344 Shute Harbour road, Airlie Beach - $10 cash per person for the duration of the trip. Bags must be collected by 4.45pm weekdays and 2.30pm weekends.

Minimum age 18, this boat caters for guests 18 to 35 - social trip

All cancellations must be in writing.

We understand things may change, so we have made cancellations very easy.

In every instance we always recommend you purchase travel insurance for life’s last-minute hiccups.

Please see our terms and conditions for details prior to booking.

Operators policy:

We have a 14 day cancellation period for all overnight trips, a 21 day cancellation period for all private charters and a 24 hour cancellation period for day trips.

There are no changes permitted within this time and if a booking is cancelled, there will be 100% no refund. 

Public Holidays Surcharge:

Please note - there is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY SURCHARGE of $40 per person applicable, payable at check in. If a public holiday occurs during one of the days that a trip has departed, then the surcharge applies.

Whitsundays Diving & Sailing | 2 Day 2 Night | 18 - 35's

Tour Code: 404

Departing: Airlie Beach

2 Day - 2 Night Dive & Snorkel 18 - 35's



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Tour Code: 404



1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745

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