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Tour Code: 815

Departing: Townsville city

Pickup: Magnetic Island, Townsville city

Yongala Dive Trip - Townsville
  • Scuba dive on one of the Top 5 Wreck Dives in the World, the S.S. Yongala on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  • S.S. Yongala 1 day dive trips now available from Townsville and Magnetic Island for certified open water divers.
  • On your 1 day S.S. Yongala ship wreck dive you have the opportunity for 2 certified dives to see some of the most magnificent marine life in the ocean with species not seen in other parts of the world.
  • The S.S. Yongala ship wreck has been under the ocean for 109 years and is home to Queensland Gropers, Giant Trevally, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Turtles and other large reef fish along with magnificent vibrant coral towers.

Included In Price

  • Full day trip including 2 certified dives on the spectacular Yongala Wreck
  • Tanks and weights
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Tropical lunch
  • Iced water, cordial, tea and coffee throughout the day
  • EMC’s (Environmental Management Charges) and site mooring fees
  • Site briefings
  • Environmental education
  • Experienced, Professional, Fun and Safe crew with a passion for the marine environment

Louded as Australia’s Best Ship Wreck Dive site and one of the top must do dives in the world is our S.S. Yongala Wreck Dive. We now offer a 1 day Yongala dive tours from Townsville and Magnetic Island for certified open water scuba divers all year round on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The S.S. Yongala ship wreck dive is today one of the most desired dive experiences in the world and its right here on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia near Townsville and Ayr, easily accessible by boat from both Townsville and Magnetic Island each Wednesday and Saturday.

The plethora of marine life and varieties of corals are second to none with some species not seen in other parts of the world.

More than 10,000 certified open water divers flock to Townsville and Magnetic Island on the Great Barrier Reef to see it for themselves and tick it off their bucket list of the most impressive wreck dives in the world they wish to visit.

S.S. Yongala Dive Tours - A bit of maritime history

The 110m steel hull passenger ship S.S. Yongala sank during a cyclone on March 23rd 1911 off Cape Bowling Green En-route from Melbourne to Cairns.

Unfortunately she was not yet fitted with wireless equipment and missed the cyclone flag signals that were hoisted after she departed the mainland, sailing thru the Whitsunday Passage and eventually losing sight of Mackay in the open seas of the Great Barrier Reef

All 122 people aboard the ship lost their lives in the treacherous seas.

Over the years as technology advanced the ship wreck was found and finally it was dived in 1958.

The S.S. Yongala ship wreck begins 15m below the surface and extends to 29m. Protected under the Historic Shipwreck Act (1976), the artefacts, marine life and variety of corals that cover the wreck are second to none.

She is one of the largest and most well preserved shipwrecks on the Great Barrier Reef 

You can visit the Yongala on a Day Trip or a Liveaboard, your choice!

S.S. Yongala Dive Tours – Ship Details

Built in 1903

Sank 1911 during a cyclone

Length 363ft (110m)

Breadth 46ft, 3 in (14.1m)

Found 1958

Loss of 122 lives

Gross tonnage 3664

Sample S.S. Yongala Dive Day Trip Schedule

 07:00               Townsville passengers meet at the Townsville Breakwater Marina, located on the fuelling wharf at the end of Mariners Drive

 07:25               Depart Townsville

 07:50               Magnetic Island passengers board from Nelly Bay ferry terminal

 09:00               Morning tea

 09:50               Yongala Wreck site briefings

 10:20               Guided divers brief

 11:00               Arrive at the Yongala Wreck Site

 11:15               Dive 1

 12:15               Lunch

 13:00               Dive 2

 14:00               Depart site for Nelly Bay

 15:00               Afternoon Tea

 16:50               Arrive and disembark passengers at Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island

 17:10               Arrive and disembark at Townsville Breakwater Marina

Please note that the above schedule is as a guide only, actual times on the day may vary. 

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Tour Languages Offered
  • English
Departs From

Townsville city

Departure Time
  • Townsville Boarding: 7:00am at the Townsville Breakwater Marina Fuel Wharf and departs by 7:30am.
  • Magnetic Island Boarding: 7:50am at the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal.
Pickup Locations
  • Magnetic Island
  • Townsville city
  • Townsville Breakwater Marina Fuel Wharf
  • Magnetic Island Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal

S.S. Yongala Wreck site

Months of Operation

January - December

Days of Operation

Wednesday, Saturday

Closed Christmas Day


Full Day tour – Approximately 9 hours

Available for Purchase / Hire
  • Guided Dive $10 (compulsory for divers with less than 15 logged)
  • PADI Adventure Dives $25 per dive
  • Enriched Air Nitrox $50 for two tanks (must be Nitrox certified or training)
  • Camera hire $65 (includes SD card, yours to keep)
Fitness Level Required



Scuba Diving Restrictions

  • Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude some people from scuba diving.
  • Participation is subject to a medical questionnaire completed on board with the tour operator
  • Minimum age for scuba diving is 12 years.
  • Flying after scuba diving: a wait of 12 hours is recommended after one dive, 18 hour after 2 dives and at least 24 hours after multiple dives, before ascending to an altitude of 300 metres or greater.

Advanced Dive Medical Intro Dive Medical

Read more about Diving Safety on the Great Barrier Reef.

Additional Information
  • Should a trip be cancelled or rescheduled by “The Tour Operator”, a full refund is available. All trips and courses are conditional on weather conditions and participant numbers. All refunds must be authorized by the management of “The Tour Operator”. We endeavour to adhere to the scheduled itinerary but reserve the right to alter the proposed itinerary or cancel the trip. Trip itineraries are subject to change at the sole discretion of the management or master of the vessel. If a trip is delayed, or cut short due to weather, mechanical breakdown, or medical emergency, fees will not be refunded. We will not be held financially responsible for weather conditions or illness as a result. Trip fees will not be refunded should you be unable to board in time for the scheduled departure or be unable to complete all dives. Illness or seasickness is not a reason for a refund.
  • Must be certified scuba divers and hold a Minimum Open Water Dive Certification
  • Must have a Minimum of 6 logged Open Water Dives
  • If you have less than 15 logged dives you must dive with a guide

Certified Divers Card, Open Water Certification and proof on the number or open water dives completed

Minimum age 12

All cancellations must be in writing.

Please note that all cancellations will incur an administration fee.

Please see our terms and conditions  for details prior to booking.

  • Cancellation Fee:
  • Day trips: 20% with 14 days’ – 48 hours’ notice
  • 100% with less than 48 hours’ notice
  • Liveaboard / Dive courses: 20% with 30 – 8 days’ notice
  • 100% with less than 8 days’ notice
  • Reschedule fee:
  • Day trips: 20% with less than 14 days’ notice
  • Liveaboards: 20% with less than 30 days’ notice

Yongala Dive Tours – Certified Divers – S.S. Yongala Day Tours

Tour Code: 815

Departing: Townsville city

Pickup: Magnetic Island, Townsville city

Yongala Dive Trip - Townsville



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Tour Code: 815



15 yrs & over

12 - 14 yrs

Ages of Children
(Discounts May Apply)
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745
1300 231 118
+61 427 074 745

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