Swim with Whales - Great Barrier Reef | Hervey Bay | Port Douglas | Cairns

Your opportunity to swim with Minke whales on the Great Barrier Reef is only available during the months of June & July each year, with the liveaboard dive & snorkel tours booking out far in advance. To see these highly inquisitive Dwarf Minke whales you need to spend a few nights on the far northern section of the Great Barrier Reef at the Ribbon Reefs with most whale interactions occuring around Ribbon #10. The liveaboard dive and snorkel tours depart from Cairns and make their way north to the most amazing dive spots on the planet such as the famous Cod Hole where you can dive with the Giant Potato Cod, swim with Hammerhead sharks, sea snakes and all sorts of fantastic marine life. These liveaboards dive trips are specially curated for the swim with Minke whale experience and to date the whales have not dissapointed anyone with their antics and friendliness. If this is an experience that interests you as a snorkeller or diver just be aware that you have to book far in advance to secure your berth on these world famous swim with Minke whale trips. You cannot have this experience anywhere else in the world other than the Great Barrier Reef. For day trippers there are two boats in Port Douglas that have swim with Minke whale permits, however these are reef tours created for diving and snorkelling tours on the Great Barrier Reef and not dedicated whale tours. They will swim with whales if the whales approach the boat and allow up to 10 swimmers at a time in the water on a long rope to interact with the Minke whales. So in effect it is up to the whales if they want this interaction and it is not a guaranteed activity it is just a bonus to your reef trip. For guests visiting Hervey Bay and K'Gari (Fraser Island) there are more amazing swim with whales experiences where guests can actually swim with the giant Humpback whales from on the southern reefs at Hervey Bay during the months of July to September. Hervey Bay is the most famous place for the humpback whales as some can stay here for many weeks and this is the region that you find the largest concentration of humpback whales. Book a half day tour or a full day tour for your opportunity to swim with a humpback whale whilst on holiday in Hervey Bay Queensland, Australia,

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