Cooktown Discovery Festival


To be held on 15-17 June, the Cooktown Discovery Festival is touted as a must-do event by TNQ locals, who’ll travel hours to this charming, historic town to celebrate both history and reconciliation.

The controversial re-enactment of Captain Cook’s landing, and his first meeting with the Guugu Yimithirr people, is a mainstay of the event and will take place on the Sunday morning.

As for the remainder of the weekend, you can expect a lively, Carnival-like atmosphere, complete with a grand parade, fireworks, tug of war, a busking competition, and dance performances by local Indigenous communities.

But the thing everyone raves about, without exception, are the scrumptious home-baked goodies from the County Women’s Association Tea Room.

Keep an eye out on the event’s Facebook page for more details as the event draws closer.

This is a great event for families (including families with young children), groups of friends and couples.

Other Information

  • Interested parties encouraged to sign up online for festival updates
  • Events held at various venues throughout Cooktown
  • Family Friendly

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  • Free and ticked events, however event details will be made available closer to the event

Past Event

  • 15 - 17 Jun 2018, 8:00am - 5:00pm

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