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Coral Spawning is the natural phenomenon where coral reproduce.

The spectacular event happens only once a year on the Great Barrier Reef.

The timing is linked to the lunar cycle and water temperatures.

Coral Spawning happens 3-5 days after a full moon and significant rise in temperature of the water.

This happens late spring early summer, usually between October and January, but most commonly in November or December.

This remarkable event happens over a few nights where corals release eggs and coral spawn into the water creating what looks like a snowstorm of colours including white, red, yellow and orange.

A larva is formed once the eggs and coral spawn meet. The larva then floats until it finds the perfect for it to settle and grow.

Dates have yet to be determined for this year.

Special expeditions are organised each year, contact us for details 1300 231 118

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  • Late spring early summer
  • First weeks of november

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