Queensland Whale Watching Season


  • Location: Hervey Bay

Best time to go: July – October

Whales:  humpback whales

You will be able to see over 7,000 humpback whales and their calves in Hervey Bay. They stop here to take a rest in the tranquil and safe waters. Book your Whale Watching tour here.


  • Location:  Far North Queensland  

Best time to go: July - August

Whales:  dwarf minke whales 

Tropical North Queensland has a one of a kind experience to sight the dwarf minke whale. These whales come to visit the Ribbon Reefs every year. You can arrange a tour to snorkel and dive with these whales. This is the only place in the world that will give you this opportunity!

Migaloo is one of the most famous whales that visit the Australian East coast. He is an all-white humpback whale.

Migaloo was first sited in Byron Bay, 1991. Until 2011 Migaloo was believed to be the only white whale in existence. A sighting of an all-white calf was made in September of this year.

Despite being almost completely white, Migaloo is referred to as 'hyper-pigmented' rather than 'albino'.


  • Location:  Gold Coast

Best time to go:  August – September

Whales:  humpback whales


  • Location:  Brisbane 

Best time to go:   September – November

Whales:  humpback whales


  • Location:  Sunshine Coast

Best time to go:   October

Whales:  humpback whales

The best land viewing points around the Sunshine coast area are Point Perry, Point Arkwright, Mount Coolum and Mount Emu.


Whales can be spotted from May to November along the Queensland coast; please note they are wild animal and sighting are not always guaranteed


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