Tropical North Queensland Green Season


Every year Cairns will experience what locals call “Green Season” from December to April approximately.

The “Green Season” is Cairns’ monsoonal or wet season, meaning it will rain at some stage, but rest assured there will be lots of sunshine between showers!

Don’t let the rain fool you, it’s a fantastic time to visit the Far North! Overall the region is less busy and it is a great time to get some pretty amazing deals on accommodation and flights.

It is also the best time to visit our luscious Tropical North Queensland rainforest!

The Daintree Rainforest comes alive during the green season making this the best time to visit. After a down pour you can hear the birds sing and the call from frog and insets.

There is a magical smell from the wet rainforest. The rain gives the Daintree native plants and trees a burst of life.  

The “Green Season” is also a great time to visit Far North’s beautiful water falls. After a tropical downpour waterfalls turn from a trickle of water to an amazing stream of rushing water.  

Must see waterfall during this time is Barron Falls, Josephine Falls and Milla Milla Falls.

Other Information

  • From Cairns you can reach the whole Tropical North Queensland region
  • Cairns has a domestic & international airport for easy access.
  • Family Friendly

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